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Diablo Immortal Dread Reaver Dungeon: How To Join, Sets & Rewards

What Diablo Immortal players need to know about the new dungeon called Dread Reaver, from the requirements to join, to the rewards and set drops inside.
Diablo Immortal Dread Reaver Dungeon: How To Join, Sets & Rewards

A lot has been going on in Diablo Immortal since the Age of Falling Towers' major content update, from a new game mode to events, Cursed Items, and more. Arguably one of the biggest new pieces of content, apart from the Astral Bloom Elite Quest, is the new Diablo Immortal dungeon, Dread Reaver.

This guide explains the requirements Diablo Immortal players need to meet to join the Dread Reaver dungeon, and the rewards inside that they can acquire, so let's get started.

New Diablo Immortal Dungeon: How To Join Dread Reaver

Diablo Immortal dread reaver dungeon new how to join requirements rewards set drops
You will need to be in Hell V difficulty or higher to join in on the new Diablo Immortal dungeon. (Picture: Blizzard)

You can't simply log on and start joining groups for the Dread Reaver dungeon in Diablo Immortal unless you meet some rather steep requirements (for free players). 

First off, you will need to have unlocked the Hell V difficulty in Diablo Immortal, meaning you need to be Paragon level 240 and have a Combat Rating of 3705 or above, alongside killing the required Helliquary boss.

From here, players will also note a new quest in their journal called Trail of Terror. It starts at Deckard Cain in Westmarch and provides some exciting new story details as part of the main quest for the Age of Falling Towers update.

Diablo Immortal dread reaver dungeon new how to join requirements rewards set drops
Stay a while, and listen...to the new Trial of Terror quest in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard)

Check out a lore description for the Dread Reaver dungeons below to get the blood flowing:

Climb aboard and continue the Main Quest of Diablo Immortal, track the elusive Cult of Terror, and try to reclaim a stolen Worldstone shard before they can deliver it to one of their leaders, the Bride of Hell.

Share the darkest waters of Sanctuary with the Dread Reaver, a legendary vessel that devours anything in its wake. Keep your footing on its decks as you fight drowned aberrations, sea monsters, and the ship’s commander, an exile from an ancient and forgotten land.

Once you've completed the quest, you are free to join the Dread Reaver dungeon and reap some fantastic rewards in Diablo Immortal. Make joining this dungeon easy by heading to your Codex and selecting it for auto-navigation.

Diablo Immortal Dread Reaver Rewards & Set Drops

Diablo Immortal dread reaver dungeon new how to join requirements rewards set drops
The set item drops for Dread Reaver using a Barbarian. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Dead Reaver dungeon holds a tonne of rewards with items featuring Paragon 240 and more. There are a lot of Legendary Item drops to possibly attain, but the biggest draw has to be the new Banquet of Eyes set, with two pieces having a chance to drop in Dread Reaver:

  • Bilious Bandlet (Ring)
  • Seeping Bandlet (Ring)

With both rings from the Banquet of Eyes set dropping in Dread Reaver, we are sure to see a tonne of Diablo Immortal players flood into this new dungeon. Blizzard also increased the drop rate for set items across all dungeons on Hell Difficulty V and above, so expect more set drops than ever before.

So there you have everything you need to know about the new Diablo Immortal Dread Reaver dungeon, from the requirements to join in on the demon-slaying action to the rewards you can farm inside. We will endeavor to update this article if anything changes.


Check out our video below, discussing Diablo Immortal's story and how the game fits into the franchise's timeline.

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