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All The Diablo Immortal Familiar Companions & Details

We explain how Familiar compansions function in Diablo Immortal, and share the first lore details for each one.
All The Diablo Immortal Familiar Companions & Details

With Diablo Immortal's sixth Major Update, entitled Splintered Souls, Blizzard is unleashing new mystical companions called Familiars. These Familiars will accompany Nephalem throughout their exploits in Sanctuary, and we've got the first details to share.

In this guide, we explain how Familiar companions work in Diablo Immortal, their functions and first details, alongside their names and the lore behind these wonderful, magical creatures, so let's leap in. 

What Are Diablo Immortal Familiar Companions? Explained

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
The Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update will introduce eight unique companions. (Picture: Blizzard)

There will be a total of eight Familiars when the Splintered Souls update releases for Diablo Immortal on 14 December 2023. Players will get Familiars from Nisza, a new Diablo Immortal vendor located somewhere in Westmarch, and forge a "lifelong bond with one of Sanctuary’s hidden wonders."

Familiars can aid Diablo Immortal players in combat. Each familiar has active and passive skills, which can, for example, provide bonuses to the player and their Familiar or even deal damage to enemies. Some Diablo Immortal Familiars can even Salvage or Identify items for you!

A bit of lore text to get the blood flowing reads:

Tales of Familiars are thought to be merely stories woven to captivate the young minds of Sanctuary and caution its overzealous explorers—but they are all true. They speak of companion creatures hailing from forgotten reaches of the world. While they might appear unfamiliar to you, they’re known to the witches of the Untamable Wilds Circle, who sign spiritual contracts binding them to mortals.

We believe players will have to choose which Familiar to bond with and take out into the world of Sanctuary.

All Diablo Immortal Familiars & First Details

In a recent blog post, the developers provided us with images and the first details (mostly lore) for five of the eight Familiar companions released with Diablo Immortal's Splintered Souls update, which you can read about below.

Ashsweeper: Conservator of Knowledge

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
The Ashsweeper Familiar straight from Zoltun Kulle's Library! (Picture: Blizzard)

"Zoltun Kulle's Library is inhabited by many wonders and just as many horrors. The Ash Sweepers are remnants of his early attempts at perfecting his golem servitors. Their priority was to curate and protect knowledge, but their interpretation of this directive led them to relieve many who traveled near the library of their possessions and lives. Fearing this behavior would draw attention to his library, Kulle sealed the constructs away forever."

Duskprowler: Avatar of Mischief

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
We think everyone will want this two-headed cat-like companion in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard)

"Many cultures throughout Sanctuary tell tales of feral cat spirits which lurk in the shadows. To some, they are spectral guardians that ward off evil spirits. Others believe they escort the dead to lands beyond. Another group consider them heralds of disaster that must be appeased. The only thing upon which all these stories agree is that they are capricious creatures, and are just as likely to lead a desert wanderer to an oasis as the den of a hungry beast."

Myrrjen: Tideweaver

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
Myrrjen: Tideweaver companion! (Picture: Blizzard)

"Widely considered a myth, Myrrjen are often blamed for all manner of nautical problems from broken anchors to poor weather. In truth, they are curious, playful spirits that inhabit the depths of Sanctuary's oceans. They have been known to venture to the surface from time to time to amuse themselves watching passing ships, and conjuring raging storms in their paths."

Skitterwight: Winged Trickster

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
The Skitterwight companion looks frightening... (Picture: Blizzard)

"A denizen of the Spirit Realm, the Skitterwight crosses over to Sanctuary to hatch its young—usually near the outskirts of human settlements. The larva emit a hallucinatory aura, which, paired with their child-like cries, lure unsuspecting villagers to mistake them for abandoned children and care for them accordingly. When they grow large enough, the larva emerge from their cocoons and return to the Spirit Realm. So convincing is their deception that their adoptive guardians will protect them from discovery even with violence."

Varog: Watchers of the Forest

Diablo Immortal Familiar Companion details splintered souls update vendor westmarch lore
Did anyone say spirit animal? (Picture: Blizzard)

"Varog are tree-dwelling spirits said to watch over travelers who pass through their forests. All they require in tribute for their protection is the souls of wayward folk that have lost the will to live. It is believed they feed these souls to their young, in a sense renewing life that has lost its spark."

Please note:We will update this article with the final three Familiar companions in Diablo Immortal once the information becomes available after 12 December 2023.

In case you've missed it, check out the latest Diablo Immortal Dev Diary, which provides an overview of what to expect from the Splintered Souls update, including a look at Familiar Companions.

That's everything we know so far about Familiar companions in Diablo Immortal. As more information becomes available, we will update this article accordingly. The Splintered Souls update releases on 14 December 2023!


Check out our video below, discussing Diablo Immortal's story and how the game fits into the franchise's timeline.

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