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Diablo Immortal Fish Locations: All Mythic, Legendary & More

All fish locations and spawn times in Diablo Immortal, including Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic, to complete your Angler's Log.
Diablo Immortal Fish Locations: All Mythic, Legendary & More

In Diablo Immortal Season 10, Blizzard introduced the fishing mechanic, giving players the option of a relaxing time, almost akin to AFK-farming, for some decent rewards. Many players are taking up their rods and enjoying the experience, but some want to know the exact locations of all Diablo Immortal fish, from Common types all the way up to Mythic quality.

There are 40 fish to catch in Diablo Immortal, but they vary in location, and some only appear at certain times. To this end, we've got you covered as we reveal every fish location in Diablo Immortal so you can complete that Angler's Log and earn some great rewards.

Update on 26 February 2024: We've updated this article with the latest info on all fish locations in Diablo Immortal.

All Fish Locations in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Fish locations mythic legendary fishing rare magic common ashwold frozen tundra bilefen
Chilling in the Frozen Tundra, catching some fish! (Picture: Blizzard)

If you want to get all the fish in Diablo Immortal for some great rewards, including a Legendary fishing pole and a tonne of upgrade materials, then we've got you covered. Below, you can find five tables, one for each Diablo Immortal fish type, from Common all the way to Mythic. 

We've also added the times (in server time) that you can catch some of the Fish and the Angler's Log pages they unlock in the Beastiary for good measure, leaving nothing out of the equation.

Diablo Immortal Common Fish Locations:

Common Fish Names Location(s) Beastiary Page (Angler's Log)
Bigmouth Frozen Tundra / Bilefen 201
Bream Frozen Tundra 202
Candiru Ashwold Cemetery / Bilefen 203
Crappie Ashwold Cemetery / Frozen Tundra 204
Dace Ashwold Cemetery / Bilefen 205
Haddock Frozen Tundra 206
Pike Ashwold Cemetery 207
Prawn Bilefen 208
Scommack Bilefen / Ashwold Cemetery 209
Tench Frozen Tundra 210

Diablo Immortal Magic Fish Locations:

Magic Fish Names Location(s) & Times Beastiary Page (Angler's Log)
Barracuda Bilefen / Frozen Tundra 211
Bluefish Ashwold Cemetery (08:00 to 12:00) 212
Grouper Frozen Tundra 213
Lean Sharl Frozen Tundra / Bilefen 214
Puffer Bilefen / Ashwold Cemetery 215
Rute Onder Bilefen / Ashwold (20:00 to 00:00 216
Brown Snapper Ashwold Cemetery / Bilefen 217
Walleye Frozen Tundra (08:00 to 12:00) 218

Diablo Immortal Rare Fish Locations:

Rare Fish Names Location(s) Beastiary Page (Angler's Log)
Beggar's Ick Ashwold Cemetery (20:00 to 00:00) 219
Carp Frozen Tundra 220
Cod Bilefen 221
Mudgulp Frozen Tundra (20:00 to 00:00) 222
Salmon Bilefen / Ashwold Cemetery 223
Silversnip Bilefen (08:00 to 12:00) 224
Trout Frozen Tundra (08:00 to 12:00) 225
Whitefish Frozen Tundra / Bilefen / Ashwold 226

Diablo Immortal Legendary Fish Locations:

Legendary Fish Names Location(s) Beastiary Page (Angler's Log)
Crogill Ashwold Cemetery (08:00 to 12:00) 227
Eel Frozen Tundra 228
Kelpthie Frozen Tundra / Bilefen 229
Sheatfish Bilefen 230
Sturgeon Ashwold Cemetery 231
Tarpon Bilefen (08:00 to 12:00) 232

Diablo Immortal Mythic Fish Locations:

Mythic Fish Names Location(s) Beastiary Page (Angler's Log)
Borebrunt Bilefen (20:00 to 00:00) 233
Coral Sage Frozen Tundra (08:00 to 12:00) 234
Gatefysc Bilefen 235
Moonspine Ashwold Cemetery (20:00 to 00:00) 236
Nocbrodd Frozen Tundra 237
Ribwright Bilefen (08:00 to 12:00) 238
Swordfish Bilefen 239
Tuna Ashwold Cemetery 240

So there you have it, all the Fish types in Diablo Immortal, the Angler's Log pages they unlock, and exactly where you can find and catch them all. Good luck, Nephalem!


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