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Diablo Immortal Fisher’s Frenzy Dates & Rewards

We explain how the Fisher's Frenzy event works in Diablo Immortal, the start and end dates, and the rewards players can earn.
Diablo Immortal Fisher’s Frenzy Dates & Rewards

In Diablo Immortal's Cursed Solstice, there's a bunch of new content to enjoy, including the PvP limited-time Bout of Realms and the Fisher's Frenzy events. For this guide, we'll focus on the latter.

Join us, Nephalem, as we outline the Fisher's Frenzy event dates in Diablo Immortal, explain how the gameplay works, and the rewards you can earn. Let's cast that line!

Fisher's Frenzy Start & End Dates

The Fisher's Frenzy runs for a full two weeks, from 10 to 24 July 2024. The event should end at roughly 03:00 server time.

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To participate, head to the Shimmering Tropic area and fish in the Shimmering Seas during the Fisher's Frenzy event. All other bodies of water remain unaffected by the fishing changes outside of the zone.

Diablo Immortal Fisher's Frenzy Rewards & Gameplay

Diablo Immortal Fisher's Frenzy event dates end start rewards gameplay how to win fish leaderboards items jade rod
Yes, you can pull Treasure Goblins out of the water! (Picture: Blizzard)

The gameplay loop is straightforward. Cast your line with your Fishing Rob, and tug on it to possibly speed up progress until your bar is full. You can compete against others on a Leaderboard to see who catches the biggest fish and complete event tasks to earn rewards such as Set Items, Gold, Materials, and Legendary equipment.

The most sought-after reward is the Lost Jade Fishing Rod, which the developers call a "mythical piece of unique angler gear from days of old." that you have a chance of earning when you cast your line.

Blizzard even teases that you could pull out Treasure Goblins and Chests if you are lucky enough. The caveat is that you could also pull out something dangerous, such as a Sea Monster:

Local Fisherman have spoken of their fishing attracting groups of monsters to their presence-one swore they even saw a Treasure Goblin emerge from beneath. Seafaring folk are known to spin a tall tale, but various accounts tell of attacks from a large Sea Monster and mayhaps tantalizing treasure Chests emerging for the lucky angler.

That's everything Diablo Immortal players need to know about the Fisher's Frenzy event and the possible rewards they can receive. Good luck, Nephalem!


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