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Diablo Immortal Vigil of Blades Explained

We explain how the Vigil of Blades works in Diablo Immortal, and how everyone can participate thanks to the Predictions and Spectator Mode features.
Diablo Immortal Vigil of Blades Explained

There's a host of exciting content in  Diablo Immortal's Dark Rebirth update, from the Tristram Cathedral dungeon to the Alley of Blood PvP mode. Alongside the latter addition, there's a new Vigil of Blades feature that Shadow War enthusiasts should know about.

In this guide, we explain what the Vigil of Blades is in Diablo Immortal and how you can participate, so let's charge in!

Vigil of Blades in Diablo Immortal Explained

Diablo Immortal Vigil of Blades Shadow War rewards spectator prediction Rite of Exile
The Vigil of Blades takes place after the Shadow War and before a new Rite of Exile begins. (Picture: Blizzard)

The Vigil of Blades is essentially an 8v8 battle from the best Shadow Clans against the Immortals in the one-lane Alley of Blood PvP mode! Yes, it is a bloodbath! These are best-of-three matches, so the first faction to win two games becomes the champion.

The Vigil of Blades does not occur very often and is meant as a pinnacle event in Diablo Immortal PvP. It takes place after the Shadow War concludes and before the Rite of Exile starts, so check those server schedules! Furthermore, the Vigil of Blades in Diablo Immortal only occurs in the first three (3) weeks of a new Immortal faction reign, according to Blizzard.

So what does this have to do with the average player, who might never be in a top Shadow clan or in the Immortals? Well, with Vigil of Blades, Blizzard has introduced two ways in which everyone can get involved with the feature and the Rite of Exile!

There's both a Prediction system where you can choose who you think will win and a Spectator mode, so you can watch the bloody Alley of Blood action! Blizzard explains:

In a new Cycle of Strife tab within the Faction menu, players can see the status of the conflict between Shadows and Immortals and cast their prediction for who will come out on top. Any player who casts a prediction will receive rewards, and those who predict correctly will get a sweet bonus reward.

The exact rewards and bonus rewards for predicting the outcome of the Vigil of Blades and the Shadow War are currently unknown. We will endeavor to update this article with more details as they become available. For now, enjoy the Alley of Blood!


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