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Diablo Immortal Void Spark 5-Star Gem: How To Get & Effects

Learn how to increase your chances of getting the new 5-Star Legendary gem, Void Spark, in Diablo Immortal, and the gem's powerful effects!
Diablo Immortal Void Spark 5-Star Gem: How To Get & Effects

There's a powerful new 5-Star Legendary gem released with Diablo Immortal's Dark Rebirth update alongside the Tristram Cathedral dungeon and the Alley of Blood PvP event! If you want to increase the chances of getting the Diablo Immortal Void Spark gem, then we've got you covered!

This guide explains how you can increase your chances of getting a Void Spark Legendary gem in Diablo Immortal, including the drop table increase dates/times and the Legendary Gem's effects on your character, so let's jump in.

Diablo Immortal Void Spark: How To Increase Drop Chance

To get a Void Spark 5-Star Legendary gem is not easy. You will have to get lucky in Elder Rifts while using your hard-earned Legendary Crests! The drop rates are, of course, very low for 5-star gems.

However, you can modify your drop tables from now until 12 October 2023 at 02:59 server time via the Elder Rifts system.  Once enabled, whenever you receive a Five-Star Legendary Gem as a drop, there’s a 50% chance it will be Void Spark.

Diablo Immortal Void Spark Effects

Diablo Immortal Void Spark Legendary gem 5-star how to get stats effects new gems
What a Void Spark gem upgraded to Rank 10 looks like! (Picture: Blizzard)

As you can see from the image above, the Void Spark gem at level 10 (after numerous upgrades) offers a tonne of Combat Rating and Resonance, as expected from a 5-Star Legendary gem. Its unique effect is also very powerful. Learn about the Void Spark gem effect in Diablo Immortal below.

Dealing damage conjures a Void Spark for 6 seconds. While the Void Spark is active, dealing damage has a 30% chance of unleashing lightning that chains to a maximum of 8 nearby enemies, dealing 110% base damage + 446 to each enemy and increasing your Attack Speed by 16%. Lightning strikes can only trigger once every 1 second. Conjuring a Void Spark can only occur once every 20 seconds.

There are two more Legendary gems unleashed with the Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth update, which we outline in the next section of this guide.

More New Legendary Diablo Immortal Gems

Diablo Immortal Void Spark Legendary gem 5-star how to get stats effects new gems
Viper's Bite isn't to bad either, and you can get it much easier in Diablo Immortal via Elder Rifts than the Void Spark gem. (Picture: Blizzard)

Blizzard has released a 1-Star Eye of the Unyielding gem, which shouldn't take long to find through Elder Rifts, as well as a 2-Star Viper's Bite gem. Check out their unique effects outlined below.

  • Eye of the Unyielding (One-Star Gem): Continual damage done is increased by 16% and continue damage taken is reduced by 4%.
  • Viper’s Bite (Two-Star Gem): Damaging enemies poisons them with Viper's Venom, causing them to take 45% base damage + 120 damage every second for 6 seconds. Enemies inflicted with Viper's Venom also have their Attack Speed reduced by 6%. Cannot occur on the same target more often than once every 20 seconds.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about possibly getting the Void Spark Legendary gem in Diablo Immortal and how you can increase your chances for this 5-Star rare gem! Good luck, Nephalem, you are going to need it!


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