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Blizzard Issues Stern Warning to Diablo Immortal Cheaters

Those who cheat or exploit in Diablo Immortal will get smacked with a perma ban.
Blizzard Issues Stern Warning to Diablo Immortal Cheaters

In nearly any online game I can think of, there are players who will try their best to use exploits or even straight-up cheat. Diablo Immortal is no different, and developer Blizzard Entertainment has made its stance on cheating abundantly clear.

On 27 November 2023, Blizzard issued a stern warning in a statement on cheating and exploitation, making sure every Diablo Immortal player knows where they stand. 

Permanent Diablo Immortal Bans Incoming

Diablo Immortal cheating botting exploits ban permanent suspension
If you are found to be cheating or botting in any way, Blizzard will take action faster than The Butcher can scream "Fresh Meat" when he sees a player. (Picture: Blizzard)

While I haven't come across any clear cheaters myself in over 200 hours of Diablo Immortal gameplay, Blizzard's statement makes it clear that there are cheaters out there in the world of Sanctuary.

We on the Diablo Immortal team take a very firm stance against cheating, gameplay automation, hacking, and other forms of exploitation. While the vast majority of our players do not engage in this behavior, we felt it was important to be clear that we will take decisive action to help keep our game fair for all players.

The following activity, or anything else that violates Diablo Immortal's End User License Agreement (EULA), will result in either a suspension or permanent ban:

  • Using third-party programs and hardware to automate any facet of gameplay.
  • Purchasing items from unauthorized third-party vendors.
  • Making fraudulent transactions on the in-game or Battle.net Shop.
  • Exploiting bugs with the Market or in-game economy for unintended gains.
  • Scamming, account sharing, and win-trading.

The goal is to protect Diablo Immortal players from those who cheat and exploit in the game. It is important to note that any accounts that are found guilty of using cheat programs and bots for automatic farming will not just get a warning or suspension. Instead, they will get a permanent ban, and Blizzard will remove in-game currency, inventory, and any ranking/earnings linked to third-party sales or deliberate exploitation.

Hopefully, Blizzard will win the fight against Diablo Immortal cheaters, making Sanctuary a safe space for regular players!


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