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Excel Esports signs Fortnite star Verox ahead of FNCS Season 7

British esports organisation, Excel Esports, announced the signing of Fortnite player, Jacob “Verox” Gilbert​ who will be joined by Freeman “FreeMedou” Williams as Fortnite Manager.
Excel Esports signs Fortnite star Verox ahead of FNCS Season 7

Excel Esports announced that Jacob “Verox” Gilbert​, will join their Fortnite roster, cementing its commitment to bolstering its competitive presence in the game. In addition, Excel Esports also announced that content creator, Freeman “FreeMedou” Williams, has been promoted to the role of Fortnite Manager. This follows Excel Esports' vision to grow its performance staff in order to provide players with the best support in all spheres of competition.

Verox to join Excel Esports Fortnite roster ahead of FNCS Season 7

Verox’s signing marks Excel Esports' second signing since its entry into Fortnite last year. Since then, Excel Esports has competed in seven Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Finals. The organisation also boasts a long list of accolades in the title, including a 3rd place finish in Season X, Top 10 placement in the Fortnite Cash Cups, and placing 1st at DreamHack Open Solo Finals.

Verox will join Fornite prodigy, Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman, who was the youngest person in esports history to win $1 million. Since his signing with Excel Esports, Wolfiez has earned top placement in several high-stake tournaments, most notably earning $125,000 after a 2nd place finish at the FNCS Invitational. 

Together with FreeMedou, they will represent Excel Esports at the upcoming FNCS Chapter 2 Season 7 event later this month, on the 29th of July.

In November last year, Excel Esports signed Tottenham Hostpur football player, Dele Alli as their global ambassador. Dele’s enthusiasm for Fornite is well known and he previously indicated that the reason he was drawn to Excel Esports was that “[he loved] the fact the brand was born out of a passion for gaming”, which epitomizes Excel Esports’ affinity for the scene.

excel esports dele alli fortnite global ambassador fncs esports
Excel Esports sign Dele Alli as global ambassador (Picture: Excel Esports)

Kieran Holmes-Darby, who is the co-founder and Chief Gaming Officer at Excel Esports had this to say about Verox’s signing: “At EXCEL we are committed to nurturing the best talent so when the opportunity to sign a homegrown player like Verox came up, we knew we had to take it.” 

Kieran further commented on Verox’s performance, citing that “Verox is an extremely talented individual and has shown an incredible amount of consistency over recent periods. Fortnite is a fantastic game title that is constantly changing, keeping it fresh for viewers of the competitive side of the game and I can't wait to see Verox rocking the XL tag at his next tournament.”

verox excel esports sign 2021 fortnite fncs chapter 2 season 7
Verox joins Excel Esports (Picture: Twitter / Verox)

Verox subsequently responded, saying: “What drew me to signing with EXCEL was knowing that they have a great performance coaching structure and facilities where I can practice. I am also looking forward to growing as a player and working with EXCEL to create some great content to share with my fans.” 

Signing Verox is no doubt a smart move by Excel Esports since he is easily regarded as one of the top Fortnite players in the UK. Verox will certainly propel Excel Esports to new heights and we look forward to his performance at the upcoming FNCS later this month.

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Header image via Excel Esports.