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Madden 21
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EA community manager breaks down on stream as Madden criticism goes unheard: "I can’t fix those things"

EA’s CM, better known as KRAELO, broke down Friday during their every-weekday Twitch show, Good Morning Madden.

A community manager for EA Sport's Madden franchise, named KRAELO, broke down during Friday’s Good Morning Madden Twitch stream.

The community manager, for one of the most intense fanbases in the sports gaming industry, choked up doing his outro, as shown in the clip provided by Twitter user @r0babo

“We’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure that your voice is heard at the studio level,” he said. Before conceding, “but we don’t control those resources and we don’t control those people to actually go ahead and do that work.”

His statement sounded half-farewell and half-innocent plea, mentioning how, as a community manager, his job is to communicate the community's concerns and overall message to the studio and if his data is followed or not, that goes beyond him. 

Madden 21 Kraelo
(Picture: EA Sports)

“I can’t fix those things. I can’t fix some of the server things. I can’t fix Madden Franchise. I can’t do any of that kind of stuff, but I can represent. I can fight. I can totally agree and empathize with our players. I can be frustrated for you guys, behind the scenes,” he added.

Madden 21 next-gen's gameplay trailer seen on the game's official channel has around 6300 dislikes, almost double the number of likes it has -- giving echos of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's infamous teaser trailer that ultimately signalled a change in direction for that franchise.

The trailer and launch info promised next-gen players “the most realistic NFL simulation ever”, which didn’t sit well with users, who argue they have seen this same version of Madden for years now.

“I really do appreciate you, guys…I’ll talk to you guys next week”, Kraelo said as he finished the stream.

Hours later, from his professional account which he “abandoned” to manage @MaddenNFLDirect, Kraelo posted the following thread showing his appreciation for the community’s words, with a little business twist for good measure:


Will confirming he won't return to hosting duties on next week's episode of Good Morning Madden, he also stated that it is important for him, and the studio, that the community knew they “hear your concerns and frustrations”.

Madden 21 seems like a tipping point for many of the game's player base with frustrations over the underlying game-engine and its lack of change, a predatory monetisation model is seen in Madden Ultimate Team, and a feeling that it's the same game with a different year slapped on it.

It's remarkably similar complaints as to those also heard from both the FIFA and NBA player base, games also published by EA Sports.

With 2K’s NFL video game coming soon and fans' outrage growing by the second, maybe we’ll see the 30-year old franchise take a sabbatical due to quality, in WWE2K fashion.