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Madden 21
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Snoop Dogg smokes Dr Disrespect in Madden 21 collab

In one of the biggest crossovers since Ninja played Fortnite with Drake, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect uploaded a video yesterday where he went head-to-head with Snoop Dogghimself.
Dr Disrespect’s latest upload has the popular streamer collaborating with rapper Snoop Dogg in a game of Madden 21 in a video that is sure to go down in history.

The Doc announced at the start of the match that he hadn’t played a Madden title since Madden 95, but it seems that Snoop is a pretty dedicated gamer.

“Alright Snoop, I’m throwing bombs,” the Doc announced as the game begins, only to be met with Snoop Dogg’s reply: “I’m smoking bombs.” True to his word and his trademark style, Snoop Dogg is seen smoking at several points throughout the game. 

Snoop selects the Kansas City Chiefs, pitting the team against Dr Disrespect’s Houston Texans. In an interesting break from his usual aggressive character, Dr Disrespect actually appears relatively star-struck by Snoop Dogg at several points in the video.

Discussing their game-day traditions, Doc states that he’ll wake up and stare at himself in the mirror for 45 minutes, wearing nothing more than a white robe. After that, it’s a couple of laps in the infinity pool before starting the day with a gin and tonic.

Snoop Dogg Dr Disrespect Madden 21
(Picture: Sports Illustrated)

On the other hand, Snoop claims his ritual is to wake up, get fresh, roll around in the grass, and go and have a good time. 

“Remember, I’m a dogg”, Snoop laughs.

When asked about what he thinks about Dr Disrespect’s YouTube channel, the rapper states that Doc is “off the hook.”

“Ain’t nobody do it like the Doctor”.

At the end of the first half, Snoop Dogg is up 18 - 7 on Doc. Despite a comeback in the second half, Dr Disrespect isn’t able to clutch the victory and the score ends 18 - 15 in favour of the Chiefs.

This collaboration is sure to attract even further attention to Dr Disrespect’s new YouTube career. Since the streamer made his return to the platform, he’s seen resounding success in viewer count, and moves like these are sure to benefit both him and his viewers.