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Palia's Crafted Comforts Update Sees Players Building To New And Grander Heights

Palia gets more cozy this Spring as its v0.180 patch update, Crafted Comforts, adds new features, quests, cosmetics, and Housing Add-Ons.
Palia's Crafted Comforts Update Sees Players Building To New And Grander Heights
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Palia's v0.180 patch update, or the Crafted Comforts update, has landed on Nintendo Switch consoles and PCs, providing a wealth of new content for Palians to enjoy. Perhaps the biggest change arriving in Palia is the overhaul of the game's economy, which was previously detailed in a Developer Update post.

Additionally, new content will be made available to Palians, including the new Grand Harvest House Building Add-On, unique Pavers, the Building Blocks system, and more Chat features. Lastly, the Hotpot card mini-game from the Maji Market: Luna New Year event has become a permanent gameplay feature they can enjoy with fellow Palians at the Underground Black Market.

According to the official release statement, the game has been enhanced with a few additional features and content for Palians to explore. "Players can attain Level 5 Friendship with beloved villagers, including Jina, Hekla, and Einar, enabling them to earn exclusive decor rewards after completing each friendship questline."

Palians will remember the 0.179 patch update, which added Friendship Level 5 quests for Ashura, Reth, Tish, and Zeki. The 0.180 patch update adds more quests for Einar, Hekla, and Jina. Other content that will be available to Palians is that they can now acquire and build their home library, as books can be utilized as placeable decor.

A few books will be available for them to get in-game, and we know of a certain village librarian who may know how to acquire these books. More Plushies have been added to the game, like the Muujin Plush and Lantern Bug Plush, which they can get as loot drops from using their Skills like Bug Catching and Hunting.

Lastly, "new premium cosmetics" are available from the Premium Store, including a brand new pet, the Flutterfox Pet. Additionally, a new type of cosmetics, Tool Skins, can also be acquired from the Premium Store, but you will need Palia Coins to make these purchases.

New Outfits and Gliders are also arriving at the Premium Store as the Femme Fatale, Palcat Pal, and Sakura oufits bundles are now available. Likewise, the "Flying Palcat Glider is now available as a stand-alone item and in the Playful Paws Bundle, which includes the Spring Flutterfox and Snowy Palcat Pal Outfit."