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How To Get The Emberseeker's Bundle In Palia

Speak with Jina regarding the Emberseeker’s Medallion before setting off to Bahari Bay to find five medallions as detailed in this guide for Palia.
How To Get The Emberseeker's Bundle In Palia
Singularity 6

Once players have completed the A Catalyzing Caper quest, they can start their newfound adventures in discovering items to contribute towards the four new vault bundles. The Emberseeker's bundle is one of these new additions and, luckily for players, is relatively straightforward to complete.

But before starting your new expedition, visit Jina, who will provide you with some information regarding an artifact known as the Emberseeker's Medallion, for which you'll need six to contribute towards the bundle. We've studied the maps to uncover all locations where you'll find the Emberseeker's Medallions in Palia.

Palia Emberseeker's Bundle: How To Get Bundle Items

palia items gudie bundles emberseekers bundle how to get where to find bundle items map locations bahari bay
Five Emberseeker's Medallions are to be located and collected throughout Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Emberseeker's bundle is one of four new bundles to be added to Palia courtesy of the v0.168 patch update, alongside the Temple of the Flames location and two related quests. Once players have completed Plumehound Pilgrimage and A Catalyzing Caper quests, a brand new vault will be unlocked inside the Night Sky Temple, for which they can start exploring Kilima Village and Bahari Bay in search of each bundle's items.

For the Emberseeker's bundle specifically, players must return home to receive a letter from Jina, which they can wait until after 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. once the A Catalyzing Caper quest is completed. They must read the letter retrieved from the Mailbox in which they'll receive a search in your Mailbox from Jina, Vault of the Flames.

This quest will task you to visit Jina inside the Night Sky Temple near the Badruu family farm, where you'll find Tau staring at the mural wall. After speaking with Jina, she'll describe an item she had discovered but could not retrieve called the Emberseeker's Medallion, which she sends you to Bahari Bay to locate six medallions needed to complete the Emberseeker's Bundle.

palia items gudie bundles emberseekers bundle how to get where to find bundle items map locations bahari bay
Head towards Beachcomber Cove and Windy Ruins to find the remaining medallions. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

It's important that players visit Jina to learn about the Emberseeker's Medallion, as you need to speak with her to get the medallions. With that being said, we've listed all the locations where to find the six Emberseeker's Medallions in Palia:

  • Emberseeker's Medallion #1: Received after speaking with Jina during the Vault of the Flames quest
  • Emberseeker's Medallion #2: At the waterfall behind Tamala's home, look along the stream going towards her home to find the chest with the medallion inside.
  • Emberseeker's Medallion #3: Travel to the edge of Statue Garden and find a boat upside down on the beach where a chest is found hiding.
  • Emberseeker's Medallion #4: Heading south towards Lighthouse Lagoon, the bottom (left) curved wall, look behind one of the pillars facing the water to find another chest containing the medallion.
  • Emberseeker's Medallion #5: At the Beachcomber Cove fast travel/Stable waypoint, look behind to find a ruined arch where the chest is found behind it.
  • Emberseeker's Medallion #6: head towards the Windy Ruins by heading northwest from the Beachcomber Cove fast travel/Stable waypoint and follow the tunnels until you find a hole in the ground. Drop down and go to your left behind the hanging vines and make a right turn before looking behind the statue and drop down into a chamber to find the last medallion.

With the medallions found, return to the Night Sky Temple before interacting with the second stone device to access the vault. Select the Emberseeker's bundle and contribute all six medallions to complete the bundle and receive the Emberseeker's Brazier as a reward.