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How to Farm Money in Payday 3: Get Cash Quickly

Come and find out how to farm money in Payday 3!
How to Farm Money in Payday 3: Get Cash Quickly
Starbreeze Studios

Want to get more cash quickly in Payday 3, farming money to your heart's desire? Then we've got you covered!

Duffle bags, cocaine, helicopters, and an extensive plethora of high-powered weapons are only half of what Payday 3 provides, with players hopping missions and experiencing the most thrilling FPS situations regularly. The majority of players understand waving their weapon around a bank leads to some "reward," however, there's a much easier and more reliable way to earn money easily within Payday 3 that not many players discuss or share.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this Payday 3 guide with even more info on farming money quickly.

Earning money within Payday 3 is vital. It allows players to upgrade, personalize, and experience the game to its fullest potential. The title is filled with different ways to spend money, whether that be purchasing a new mask, a suppressor for your shotgun, or perhaps painting to cover your gun in a bright and glossy pink. This customization drives the player's desire to earn money rapidly, enabling them to experience as much as possible and gain the most fulfilling experience.

Payday Neon Cradle VIP Area

Payday 3: How to Earn Money Fast

Follow these steps on the mission "Rock the Cradle" to obtain $425,000 per five minutes of gameplay. Completing this guide can be difficult. However, if you follow these instructions, you will obtain the money, leading to approximately $5,000,000 per hour on Payday 3!

  1. In the menu, equip these skills: "Quick Fingers," "Swift," "Battering Ram," "Slippery," "Glitch Protocol," and "Gifter." Ensure you obtain a suppressed pistol, then Head into the mission.
  2. Run inside the nightclub and head to the "VIP Club" area shown in the picture above, the right guard has a blue keycard on his back; quickly grab it and hack their radios then open the door, disregarding any commotion this causes and just complete this quickly.
  3. Jump over the railing to the stairs to avoid camera detection, run into the nightclub, and before the stairs, jump over the railing and follow the air vent along the wall.
  4. Jump off the air vent and head into the Bathroom, left of the "Maintenance" room.
  5. At the back of the bathroom, find the vent and break it. Take down the note on the whiteboard inside the room the vent leads towards, for example, "Switch A400 Green." 
  6. Head out of the bathroom, turn left, and run to the furthest room leading to the accountant's office. Head up the stairs and break into the office, onto the balcony, and jump onto the left air vent, leading to another air vent, break into it, and follow the left wall.
  7. When finding a series of fuze boxes, look at the code you jotted down, select the correct fuze box, and switch to flip.
  8. Head back towards the accountant's office and hack the PC, jump off the balcony after the hacks are finished, back into the bathroom, and into the room where you found the code.
  9. Grab the crypto wallet (prompted) inside this room, secure the crypto wallet, rush to the extraction, disregard being spotted, and get to extraction as quickly as possible. Please ensure you don't kill any NPCs whilst running to the extraction. 

When extracting from this mission, you will receive a payout of $425,000 for the crypto wallet. Of course, there is significantly more loot in surrounding areas. However, it's still more time-efficient to disregard this loot and focus on the crypto wallet exclusively. Players can repeat this method infinitely and make millions within a minuscule amount of time! 

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