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Unlock All Payday 3 Guns: Infamy Level Requirements

Learn about all the weapons in Payday 3, as we explain the Infamy level requirements to unlock each gun.
Unlock All Payday 3 Guns: Infamy Level Requirements
Starbreeze Studios

Do you want to know exactly how you can unlock all the guns in Payday 3? Then we've got you covered so you can expand your arsenal and create the perfect loadout to finish that next heisting job.

In this guide, we explain the Infamy Level required to unlock each of the baseline guns, alongside their weapon types, so you can plan ahead as you level up.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this guide with the latest information so you can unlock all the Payday 3 guns/weapons with ease!

How To Unlock All Payday 3 Guns

Payday 3 guns weapon types how to unlock infamy level requirement cash
You will need to level up in Payday 3 to unlock most guns, as only two are available right from the start. (Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

As you complete heists and the myriad of challenges in Payday 3, you will increase your Infamy Level. Along the way, as part of the progression system, players get to unlock new guns of various types they can use in their next heisting endeavor. 

The table below outlines every baseline weapon in Payday 3 and the Infamy level required to unlock it.

Payday 3 guns and types Infamy Level requirement to purchase
CAR-4 (Assault Rifle) Unlocked by default.
Signature 40 (Pistol) Unlocked by default.
Reinfeld 880 (Shotgun) Unlock at Infamy Level 2
J&M Castigo 44 (Revolver) Unlock at Infamy Level 10
SA A144 (Marksman/Sniper Rifle) Unlock at Infamy Level 15
FIK PC9 (SMG) Unlock at Infamy Level 18
Northwest B-9 (Assault Rifle) Unlocks at Infamy Level 21
STRYK 7 (Pistol) Unlocks at Infamy Level 25
ZIV Commando (SMG) Unlocks at Infamy Level 29
KU-59 (Assault Rifle) Unlocks at Infamy Level 35
SP Model 11 (Pistol) Unlocks at Infamy Level 38
Mosconi 12 Classic (Shotgun) Unlocks at Infamy Level 43
Reinfeld 900S (Marksman/Sniper Rifle) Unlocks at Infamy Level 53
Signature 403 (Pistol) Unlocks at Infamy Level 59
SG Compact-7 (SMG) Unlocks at Infamy Level 65
SFORZA Bison (Revolver) Unlocks at Infamy Level 70
VF-7S (Assault Rifle) Unlocks at Infamy Level 77

Once you've unlocked a gun in Payday 3, you can purchase it via the in-game Vendors menu with your hard-earned cash at the Arms Dealer. Weapon pricing depends on the gun; for example, the CAR-4 costs 200,000, while the Signature 40 Pistol costs a mere 75,000.

If this doesn't seem like a lot of guns, then don't worry. Payday 3 has a wealth of customization options, including well over a hundred mods that can change your playstyle with each gun. There are also preset weapons with custom mods you can unlock along the way.

So there you have it: all the Payday 3 guns and how you can unlock them with Infamy Level requirements so you can pull off heists in the co-op shooter! If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article faster than Joy can hack a security camera.

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