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Does Payday 3 Have Mod Support?

Come and find out whether or not Payday 3 will have Mod Support!
Does Payday 3 Have Mod Support?
Starbreeze Studios

Hardcore Payday 3 heisters have likely already plundered every available bank, stealing millions of dollars, tonnes of cocaine, and a heap of expensive jewelry. Considering the lack of robbable rare materials, players resort to looking up the possibilities of community-made content, such as new maps, experiences, and weapons that could potentially be made available within Payday 3. However, modding currently isn't supported within Payday 3, although possibilities are still high.

Despite being available on Steam and having access to the community workshop, the Payday 3 developers haven't expanded their venture and given the community tools to mod the game. This is slightly unusual, considering Payday 2 had modding possibilities for players to enjoy. This led to player confusion regarding the modding status of Payday 3 simply because players loved the ability to mod the previous game, bringing much success and fond memories. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on Payday 3 mod support.
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 Mods Release Date Speculation

It's highly likely that Payday 3 isn't going to obtain official mod support through the developers. This will lead to an "unsafe" and more "backstreet" approach to modding that we have seen in a variety of other popular games. The Steam workshop was featured in Payday 2. However, there was never an extensive plethora of mods to choose from, highlighting that perhaps the developers are slowly swaying away from mod support within the Payday franchise. 

With Payday 3 heavily focussing and using its cross-platform abilities, modding will limit players to platform matchmaking, stopping the overall healthy flow of players combining forces and instead hindering general matchmaking. However, if players were able to play together despite not obtaining the same mods, this would be because the mod only changes textures or sounds, a little like Minecraft texture packs. 

Although the modding possibilities are low within Payday 3, we can expect to see some killer DLCs coming within the next few months to keep players happy and entertained in substitute. Additionally, modding possibilities are low, but they're not non-existent, meaning we could potentially see some weapon reskins or community-made masks, something along these lines.

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