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How to Play Payday 3 Solo Without Matchmaking

Come and check out how to play Payday 3 without matchmaking!
How to Play Payday 3 Solo Without Matchmaking
Starbreeze Studios

Do you want to play Payday 3 solo without any form of matchmaking? Then we've got you covered!

Robbing banks and killing hoards of enemies within Payday 3 is usually best suited alongside a like-minded crew of ruthless pals. However, sometimes, these friends can be a little too ruthless and execute one too many hostages, leading to less money and more failures. Therefore, players who have specific motives, such as completing missions stealthily or within a specific manner, result in playing alone within Payday 3, taking bank robbing to a new level of independence. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest information to play Payday 3 alone without matchmaking.

Considering Payday 3's simplistic graphics and straightforward gameplay, players have found Payday 3's menu rather confusing, with little prompts and hints on how to organize heists. This has led to players feeling like they have to play with friends or matchmake with online players because there is no definitive "solo heist" option within the menus, leading to much confusion. Thankfully, we're here to show you how to commence solo hesiting within Payday 3! 

Payday 3 masks

How to Play Solo Missions in Payday 3 

Playing solo missions within Payday 3 can be rather confusing at first. However, setting up the heist and mission is relatively simple. Unfortunately, players who decide to enter missions alone will be joined by AI heisters, taking up the other three team members on the heisting squad instead of online players.

Despite this being rather frustrating, though, the AI is rather obedient and doesn't get in the way of your objectives. They remain unmasked and usually wait in the building's lobby until you either sound the alarm or head into the bank loudly.

To play missions solo within Payday 3, follow these steps:

  1. Select the heist you wish to complete
  2. Change the matchmaking options to either "invite only" or "Friends Only" 
  3. Click the matchmaking button and wait before heading into the pre-game lobby.
  4. Select your appropriate loadout in the menus and then ready up 
  5. The timer will begin and throw you into the heist alone (with the AI). 

This is how you will have to enter heists within Payday 3 to play alone on every mission. Despite being rather confusing because of the no "Solo" option, heading into heists alone isn't challenging, just confusing to first-time players. To play without AI, you're going to have to have them taken into custody by sounding the alarms and letting them fight SWAT! 

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