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Does Payday 3 Have a Single-Player Offline Mode? Answered

We explain if Payday 3 has a single-player (solo) mode and if you can possibly play the game offline.
Does Payday 3 Have a Single-Player Offline Mode? Answered
Starbreeze Studios

Are you wondering if Payday 3 has a single-player mode and if you can enjoy some high-octane virtual heisting action in Starbreeze Studios' latest and possibly greatest title? Then we have you covered.

In this no-nonsense guide, we explain what you can expect from the single-player (solo) mode of Payday 3 and if the game requires an online connection to enjoy this mode, so let's gear up and get started!

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Payday 3 offline mode info.

Payday 3 Single-Player (Solo) Mode Confirmed

We are happy to report that if you do not want to play Payday 3 in a party or with friends, you can play it solo. This was confirmed by Starbreeze Studios’ global brand director, Almir Listo. Yes, the game does feature a single-player mode, where you can play with AI companions and pull off heists.

Now, for the bad news!

Can You Play Payday 3 Offline?

Payday 3 single player offline mode
While you can play Payday 3 without friends, you can't do so offline...(Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

Not everyone has a stable internet connection, and sometimes, you want to play a game offline, maybe even on your Nintendo Switch or ROG Ally while traveling, as an example. Well, unfortunately, we have some bad news to share.

Payday 3 requires an online connection to play, even when playing in single-player (solo) mode. You will have to be logged in to your Nebula account to play the game, so there is no way to play if the Payday 3 servers go down. While we are pulling off the bandaid, Payday 3 features Denuvo DRM, in case you were wondering.

In case you missed it, check out the action-packed Pearl and Joy characters reveal trailer for Payday 3 below.

So there you have it; while you can play Payday 3 solo with AI, there is no way to actually play the game offline. If the developers decide to add an offline mode sometime in the future, we will endeavor to update this article with haste. Happy heisting...if the servers are operational!

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