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How to Take Hostages in Payday 3

Come and check out how to take hostages in Payday 3!
How to Take Hostages in Payday 3
Starbreeze Studios

Wondering how you can take hostages in Payday 3? Don't worry, virtual heisters; we've got you covered in our detailed guide.

Unfortunately, the developers at Payday 3 don't make a tremendous amount of effort to explain the process of taking hostages, leaving newer players incredibly confused and demotivated when trying to take hostages and exchange them for more time without SWAT inside a bank. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this guide with the latest info on taking hostages in Payday 3's various missions.
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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Steps to Take Hostages in Payday 3

Taking hostages within Payday 3 is absolutely essential, especially when getting caught during a stealth run and trying to maintain your cover or buying time against the authorities. To secure hostages in Payday 3, you're going to need to complete the following:

  • Walk up to the desired AI and make yourself seen - ensure you're masked up
  • Hit "Middle Mouse Button" to shout at the AI, telling them to get onto the floor
  • Once they drop to the ground, hit "F" to tie their hands

From here, you're able to take the hostage as a human shield, which is incredibly useful in firefights against SWAT and police, or command them to follow you around the building until you instruct them to get back onto the floor. 

To trade hostages and delay the SWAT from raiding the bank immediately, you have to simply walk up to one of the hostages you have secured with ties, take them as a human shield, and shove them outside. Trading hostages can give your team resources such as medical supplies or manipulate the manager or person of power to open a vault door or door of interest. 

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