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How To Remove Mask in Payday 3

Masking up in Payday 3 usually leads to catastrophe; can you revert your mistakes?
How To Remove Mask in Payday 3
Starbreeze Studios

Want to take off your mask in Payday 3? Then we've got you covered, virtual heisters!

Destruction and trauma are usually the results of masking up within hit title Payday 3, with players whipping out their guns, masks, and duffle bags to steal masses of drugs and money.

Update on 22 November 2023: We've checked for the latest information to possibly remove your mask in Payday 3 and updated this guide accordingly.

Despite sounding intimidating, the developers at Starbreeze Studios decided to prevent players from climbing and vaulting within Payday 3 unless they equip their masks, leading to players being forced to mask up to complete general movements. Masking up sounds relatively safe. However, your guns are also equipped by force, leading to stealth heists being rather difficult. 

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Picture: Starbreeze Studios

How To Remove Mask In Payday 3

Equipping your mask within Payday 3 is an essential constituent to robbing the majority of banks within the game, providing you're not attempting a stealth unmasked playthrough. However, missions such as "Touch the Sky," "99 Boxes," and "Road Rage" don't offer much alternative other than to mask up, forcing players into uncomfortable situations that could perhaps be avoided.

This leads to players being detected and the alarms being sounded, resulting in gruesome and often painful gun battles with SWAT, leading to elongated heists and many complications. 

Therefore, it pains me to admit that there is no option to take off your mask within Payday 3. Once you place the mask on your character, you're automatically forced to keep it equipped unless you vote to restart the heist or all die and have to replay the mission. Whereas most players see this as a disappointment, it forces the playerbase to evaluate whether or not they're in a position to mask up and remind players that all actions have consequences.

In terms of future updates, it's highly unlikely that developers will enable players to remove their masks, simply for the reasons mentioned above. Unless the playerbase collectively assembles and protests the decision, we don't think Starbreeze Studios will revert the ability to mask up. For that reason, before masking up to shoot an innocent civilian, think twice!

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