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Payday 3: How To Open The No Rest For The Wicked Vault

Come and check out how to open the Vault door on No Rest For The Wicked on Payday 3!
Payday 3: How To Open The No Rest For The Wicked Vault
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 unveils itself with the bank robbery "No Rest For The Wicked" as the first mission for players to tackle. The mission can be completed in many different ways: stealth, Overkill difficulty, or casually for a great cash grab or to rank up your account. Despite being the first mission, Starbreeze Studios didn't hesitate to create problems for players and force them to explore the creative aspects of bank robbing, forcing players to learn codes to the Vault to access the money.

Players can only access the vault via the code if they haven't set off the alarm, meaning players are going to have to maintain their cover until opening the vault. Players who fail to maintain concealment and stealth will likely sound the alarm, forcing the heisters to blow through the vault's ceiling with thermite, taking a significantly longer time than just typing in the code. 

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with the latest Payday 3 vault code information for the No Rest For The Wicked mission.
650c5e36df155-no rest for the wicked vault.jpg
Picture: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3: No Rest For The Wicked Vault Code

To obtain the vault code in Payday 3's No Rest For The Wicked, you're going to need to find the executive and use his eye on the eye scanner next to the door. After scanning the executive's eye, you'll have to obtain a list of possible codes from the manager's computer, type these into the vault's door, and you'll be able to open it once you type in the correct code. 

The manager will be located on the second floor near the photocopier, which is located underneath the camera on the right when exiting the stairwell on the second floor. The manager can also be located on the first floor in the manager's office, located opposite the conference room. Once you locate the executive, take him as a human shield, walk him to the vault, and "shove" him onto the eye scanner directly next to the keypad located in the image above.

Once you've completed this, tie up the manager and make sure nobody is going to stumble across him, and move on to locating the manager's computer. The manager's computer will be back in the manager's office or in the conference room. Interact and follow the prompts with the computer, and you'll be offered a series of four codes - try all of them, and the vault will open. 

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