Smite Latest God Terra Added With Patch 3.14

Smite Latest God Terra Added With Patch 3.14
    The latest patch for Smite landed earlier this week, bringing with it the addition of all-new God Terra, the Earth Mother. While the patch brings with it other new features (check the video below for more details), it's the addition of this new God that many Smite fans will be interested in. She's another Roman Goddess, and a magical melee guardian (or tank, for non-Smite terminology). As you might expect from the name, she's an ground-focused character whose abilities are themed around such ideas. She's an interesting mix of abilities, and has been described as being "complex" and requires careful positioning to make the most of her kit. In particular it's her Standing Stones that makes her such an interesting character. Here's what she's capable of:
    Passive - Standing Stones
    Terra's abilities create pillars of stone that can block player movement - useful for cutting off routes through the jungle. For as long as Standing Stones are active on the map, Terra is immune to any knock-up effects and, if she destroys any of her stones herself, this buff will remain active for three seconds afterwards.
    Force Of Nature
    With this ability Terra dashes forwards, dealing damage to anyone that she dashes through. By dashing through one of her Standing Stones Terra will be able to dash a second time, but if she destroys more than one Standing Stone she will still only be granted one additional dash.
    Crushing Earth
    Terra summons two Standing Stones either side of one another, and any enemies caught between the two will be slowed. This ability can be used a second time to slam the Stones together, stunning any enemies caught between the two. Additionally if Terra uses Force Of Nature on these Stones they will create a cone of shrapnel that will damage enemies.
    Using this ability summons a monolith Standing Stone that will heal any nearby allied God every 0.5 seconds. If Terra destroys this Standing Stone it will stun any enemy player caught in its radius, while dealing damage over a period of time.
    Ultimate Ability - Terra's Blessing
    Activating Terra's ultimate gives her and her team increased speed, reduced Mana costs and increased Cooldown Reduction. Additionally four stones will be summoned around each member of the team that, when destroyed from taking damage, will heal that player.