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Smite World Championship

The Smite World Championship is the yearly world championship for the popular first-person MOBA Smite. The event regularly boasts one of the highest prize pools of any esports tournament: in 2015 it was $1.3 million, 2016 $1 million and 2017 $1 million again. For 2018 it was a little less, at $785,000, but still stands out as one of the biggest prize pools of any competitive gaming event.The 2018 edition was held in January, with the format consisted of two stages: an initial qualifying stage and a knockout stage. The qualifying stage whittled eight teams down to six through a two round double elimination bracket. These six teams advanced to the knockout stages, where they were joined by the number one seeds from NA and EU, who received a bye to this stage. It was NA top seeds eUnited who emerged with the number one spot the lion’s share of the prize money, comfortably defeating EU top seeds Rival in the final. No news yet on 2019’s World Champs, but we’ll be sure to update you when it does get announced!