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Texas Chain Saw Massacre: All Slaughter Family Members

The Slaughter Family will make an appearance in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game; here are all of them.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: All Slaughter Family Members

Gun Interactive promises that their Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will be an "authentic" experience based on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, not just bringing the iconic character Leatherface into horrifying environments but also bringing the rest of the Slaughter Family with him, including some new original characters.

Each of the Slaughter Family members has their own unique ability, and a unique distribution of their three shared Family Attributes. In this article, we'll list all of the Slaughter Family members in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Slaughter Family Members

sissy texas chain saw massacre
Sissy is one of the two new original characters. (Picture: Gun Interactive)

There are three existing Texas Chain Saw Massacre killers in the game, including Leatherface, The Cook, and The Hitchhiker. There are also two new characters in the cast, Sissy and Johnny.


You no doubt know of Leatherface, also sometimes known as Bubba Sawyer, Texas Chain Saw Massacre's most iconic villain. Leatherface appears in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game as a chainsaw-wielding killer, much like in Dead by Daylight, who can tear through walls and other obstacles using his chainsaw.

The Cook

The Cook, also known as Drayton Sawyer, is one of the main antagonists of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and appears as a killer in the game. He's great at tracking Victims and can seek them out more efficiently than the other Family members.

The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker is the last of the three iconic antagonists from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise to be added to the game. He's a proficient trapper, meaning that his playstyle revolves around weaving a web of traps for Victims to step in.


Sissy is the first of the two new characters created by Gun Interactive for the game. There isn't a lot known about Sissy yet, except that her ability involves working with poisons, suggesting she might be a witch or character who is familiar with the occult.


Johnny is another original character created just for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. Like Sissy, there isn't a lot known about him yet, but his power allows him to listen carefully to Victims' footsteps. This suggests that he might be a more tactical killer, planning out his moves through tracking before taking action.

Those are all of the Slaughter Family members that will be featured in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, from the three famous characters from the movies to Gun Interactive's brand new original characters, Sissy and Johnny.