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Best Family Perks In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here are the best Slaughter family perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Family Perks In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

Every killer character in Texas Chain Saw Massacre comes with their own set of abilities, just like Victims, but they'll also need to rely on perks from each character's skill tree to really make the most of those powers and take down Victims. As a beginner, it might be challenging to choose which perks are best for your Family member and playstyle.

We're here to help if you're trying to create a good Family member build in TCSM. Here are some of the best Slaughter Family perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre so you can build a loadout that works to your benefit.

Best Slaughter Family Perks In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

There are a wide variety of perks available in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, with some more powerful than others. it's a good idea to try out a variety of perks to pick ones that work well with your character and playstyle of choice.

These are some of the best perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre for Family Members, why you should choose them, and what they do.

  • Unrelenting - Increases your Endurance.
  • Tracker Tagged - Hitting a Victim will highlight them for all Family Members.
  • Exterior Alarms - When active, all critical doors and gates are highlighted if they’re opened.
  • Rubber Legs - Increases stamina.
  • Activated - After being stunned, you deal extra damage.

Top 5 Perks For Family Members Explained


Unrelenting increases your character's Endurance. This ensures that you can more easily catch up to Victims and end chases and also ensures that you don't struggle too much against attacks from Victims like Leland, who can stun you.

Tracker Tagged

Because communication is the name of the game in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Tracker Tagged is a great choice for any Family member, especially those that are good at tracking survivors but can't quite take them down on their own. This perk doesn't just benefit you but allows your whole team to come together and double down on the attack.

Exterior Alarms

Exterior Alarms' description reads: "When active, all critical doors and gates are highlighted if they’re opened." This allows you to have knowledge about Victim's locations throughout the match, making it an important tool to have in your kit. You'll be able to identify Victims' whereabouts at key times, and you can verbally communicate that to teammates.

Rubber Legs

Stamina is necessary for any Family Member who wants to keep up with offensive Victims like Leland, who can stun them and slow them down. This makes Rubber Legs a necessity on many Slaughter Family Members, especially those who don't have especially great mobility and persistence on their own.


Like Rubber legs, Activated helps you come back after being stunned, allowing you to deal extra damage for a short while after you take the stun. This allows you a great opportunity to potentially take the Victim down.

When choosing perks as a Slaughter Family member, you'll want to take a look at your character's innate ability and find ways to emphasize what they're good at or patch up their weaknesses. The perks on this list are a great pick for any Slaughter Family member, so be sure to try them out and see which ones you like best.