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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Introduces New Family Member & Victim

Two new characters and a new map are coming to Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Introduces New Family Member & Victim
(Picture: Gun Media)

Several months ago, Texas Chain Saw Massacre fans discovered leaked content surrounding a new character known as "Black Nancy." According to the leaks, Nancy would boast a Spy ability, allowing her to see through the eyes of victims. As time passed, the community began to believe that Nancy may have been scrapped content. However, Gun Media announced today that two new characters - one of them Nancy, the other a new victim named Danny - are coming to Texas Chain Saw Massacre, along with a new map.

Both Nancy and Danny will be available on 28 November 2023. Nancy and Danny will both be available for purchase, but the included map will be entirely free for all players to explore. The new map is called Nancy's House and will allow players to learn more about the new characters and their lore through the environment.

This Family Member and Victim are the first characters to be added to the game since its release. Developers mentioned when the game was released that they did not plan on adding any additional DLC unless the game was successful, so this is exciting news for many fans who were hopeful about a new chapter.

No word on any other new content coming soon, but developers also recently released a slew of cosmetics for Victims. As a result, it's very possible that even more new content could be coming in the near future.

You can check out the trailer for the new characters in TCSM, including Nancy and Danny and their associated map, just below:

It's unknown whether Nancy's leaked ability is accurate, given that there hasn't been any official gameplay videos or information released.