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Amouranth Breaks Down After Revealing Abusive Threats From Her Husband

Twitch streamer Amouranth broke down after sharing her abusive relationship with her husband, who she claims threatened her multiple times.
Amouranth Breaks Down After Revealing Abusive Threats From Her Husband

On 16th October 2022, Twitch streamer and businesswoman Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa revealed that she’d been married and a victim of abusive threats from her husband. In a Livestream, Amouranth revealed toxic text messages and even had a call with her husband, which caused her to emotionally break down.

Amouranth’s confession has been one of the most shocking recent events on Twitch. The streamer, who is widely regarded as a successful businesswoman and content creator, claims her husband has been controlling her accounts, gaslighting, manipulating, and disrupting her general livelihood, all for his benefit. 

Amouranth Emotional After Revealing Her Abusive Marriage

amouranth married facing abusive threats husband
Amouranth revealed she'd been married and allegedly facing abusive threats from her husband.

Do note: The following Twitch clips might be potentially disturbing for viewers. These clips reference acts of verbal violence, abuse and threats, manipulation, and emotional distress. 

Amouranth revealed the shocking news during her Twitch Livestream on 16th October 2022. The streamer discussed all the issues regarding her abusive relationship with her husband, which had allegedly been going on for a long time.

While the news of Amouranth's marriage was a shock in itself, the streamer claimed to face abusive threats and toxic manipulation from her husband. Following this reveal, Amouranth had a heated conversation with her husband that brought her to tears live on stream.

amouranth husband allegedly threatened by husband spend money delete social media accounts
Amouranth revealed that her husband had been allegedly manipulating her by threatening to spend her money or delete her social media accounts.

In a rallied argument with her husband, Amouranth broke down, asking him why he threatened to murder her dogs. During the call, Amouranth's husband repeatedly shouted at her, calling her a "liar," saying he didn’t say he’d kill her dogs. Amouranth hit back, saying she was only repeating his words, which seemed to enrage him even further.

In response, Amouranth's husband continued to deny her claims, saying, “I’m going to give you one last chance [Amouranth]. I’m going to revoke, and f*cking destroy everything. [...] You’re going to lose your entire f*cking life in terms of everything that’s been built.”

After this call with her husband, Amouranth discussed the abuse and gaslighting she’d allegedly received from him. Not only that, though, the streamer revealed a very worrying revelation to fans that her husband supposedly had control over all her “accounts.”

Amouranth explained that since her social media, platform, and financial accounts were under her husband’s possession, he had access to all her information and was threatened by having her money spent on “cryptocurrency" or thrown away.

Furthermore, if Amouranth ever decided to go to court against her husband, he’d supposedly “burn it all,” essentially making her lose money or become financially broke.

Following this, Amouranth then proceeded to reveal screenshots of text messages between her and her husband. Some of these text messages were quite worrying, with Amouranth’s spouse stating he’d throw away money and “delete [her] social media account” if she didn’t reply quickly.

At the time of writing, Amouranth’s fans are concerned for her safety and well-being, knowing the truth about her marriage and alleged threats, abuse, gaslighting, and manipulation.

The Twitch streamer has yet to comment further on the statements and events of her last Livestream.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch via Amouranth.