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AOC sets up Twitch channel to play Among Us with Pokimane and more

US House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has set up her own Twitch channel to play Among Us with the likes of Pokimane.
With the US presidential elections only a few weeks away, a US House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has set up her very own Twitch channel to play Among Us. Since the announcement of AOC's Twitch channel, streaming stars Pokimane and HasanAbi have jumped in to lend her a hand, and play some Among Us.

AOC Twitch channel for Among Us

On Twitter, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced she would be setting up her own Twitch channel, and to "get out the vote".

The response to the AOC Twitch channel has been massive, with the likes of Pokimane as well as FaZe Clan and HasanAbi jumping on the train to streamville with the US House Representative.

At the time of the tweet, she didn't even have a streaming rig or equipment. However, her Twitch channel is already verified, and has a whopping 167,000 followers in less than 24 hours of the announcement.


There have been no streams on the AOC Twitch channel so far, as she explained on 20th October at 05:00 AM that: "Don’t worry everyone - I haven’t streamed yet! Spent tonight setting up accounts, mods, streaming & run-throughs. Hoping to go live tomorrow night."

AOC Twitch Channel Among Us Pokimane

(Picture: Twitch)

Expect the first stream from the AOC Twitch channel to begin sometime in the early hours of the morning (in the UK) on 21st October. 

Currently, the exact time of her first stream is unknown. It will be interesting to see if she collaborates with the likes of Pokimane and HassanAbi in her first stream, and how the Among Us matches will go down.