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CashMeow Labeled A “Dangerous Psychopath” Over Cheating And Scamming Claims

Twitch streamer Andrew "AndyMilonakis" Michael Milonakis exposed George "CashMeow" Brown for being a "dangerous psychopath."
CashMeow Labeled A “Dangerous Psychopath” Over Cheating And Scamming Claims

Twitch streamer Andrew "AndyMilonakis" Michael Milonakis recently spoke out about content creator George "CashMeow" Brown on the platform last 26th October 2022, claiming that they were a "dangerous psychopath" and a pathological liar. The streamer pointed out various incidents, claiming that CashMeow was lying about themselves on Twitch and being deceitful to friends and family.

Because of these allegations, CashMeow recently disclosed the truth and admitted their lies during a now-deleted livestream, apologizing to various creators for throwing out accusations and pulling the rug from under them. 

Milonakis stated that CashMeow, one of Japan's biggest Twitch streamers, lied multiple times about themselves, claiming they're wealthy, own various places, and had a good relationship with their family. The streamer also stated that CashMeow allegedly cheated on his wife, amongst other multiple claims. 

andymilonakis claimed cashmeow dangerous psycho pathological liar
AndyMilonakis claimed that CashMeow is a "dangerous psychopath" and a pathological liar.

That wasn't the only incident Milonakis pointed out, as he claimed that CashMeow repeatedly tried pinning content creators against each other to cancel their careers or create controversy. Milonakis alleged that CashMeow tried convincing them that IRL Streamer "Gaijira"  was scamming people using a GoFundMe page for their cancer treatment to fund their business. 

In response to Milonakis' claims, CashMeow apologized in a now-deleted Twitch live stream in which he admitted the truth about everything that had happened and said sorry to everyone they were deceitful to. However, despite him apologizing and admitting their lies while seeming regretful, Milonakis claimed that CashMeow hadn't learned at all and had banned the streamer from their Twitch channel and Discord server.

In addition, Milonakis pointed out that CashMeow is streaming regularly on Twitch, even after the controversy. Although CashMeow's apology was deleted on Twitch, it's available to watch on YouTube via ENEFTEE.

For more in-depth details about AndyMilanokis' claims against CashMeow, feel free to watch the YouTube video above.

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