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Cut the music! Twitch apologises after hitting the wrong note with DMCA suggestions

The streaming platform issued half-baked recommendations via social media, infuriating an already frustrated user base.
Cut the music! Twitch apologises after hitting the wrong note with DMCA suggestions

Twitch is at the centre of one of its biggest controversies ever, as the DMCA debacle continues, with sloppy communication making things even worse for content creators and users of the platform.

As streamers protect against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act issued takedowns by deleting years upon years of content from their Twitch profiles, many more are still wondering what's going to happen moving forward with titles that feature in-game music.

While developers like CD Projekt Red have hinted at their music being in the clear when it comes to DMCA takedowns, other's don't have that luxury, which is why knowing all the titles that can be streamed without the need to mute or change in-game tracks is an ongoing process for creators.

Twitch apologises for DMCA suggestion

twitch dmca strikes(Photo: Twitch)

Soon after Twitch tweeted out that the best course of action to be 100% in the clear when it comes to streaming while avoiding DMCA strikes is to play with no sound at all, the company issued an apology after their rash, uninformative, and unhelpful manner of making such suggestion.


"We’re very sorry that this made an upsetting situation even worse. Answers to questions on such a complicated topic deserve more complete responses and we'll do that in our FAQ. We’re gathering all your questions and appreciate you continuing to reach out. ," Twitch tweeted out.

On the same apology tweet, Twitch shared a link to their Creator Camp page in which they have detailed information regarding Copyright infringements and how these could potentially hurt your channel. 

This isn't the first time Twitch has apologised following DMCA related issues, as they've previously gone on the record stating that they have handled the situation in a terrible way, hoping to do better in the future.