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Destiny fires back in stalker controversy: "if we were to reverse the roles these people would be cancelled"

The Twitch streamer has been dealing with a stalker for the past few months, criticising the double-standard reaction to the situation.
Destiny fires back in stalker controversy: "if we were to reverse the roles these people would be cancelled"

Twitch streamer Destiny has hit back at the people minimising his current stalker situation, explaining that, if he was the one chasing another person's group of friends while spreading lies, he'd get cancelled by social media.

The ordeal comes after Ana Voir, Destiny's alleged stalker, has continuously tried to both contact his social circle and commented via Twitter about the streamer's supposed grooming of female content creators who are just starting out in the streaming world.

A recent Twitter thread posted by user Zei_Squirrel garnered a ton of attention, bringing light to the situation once more. 

"I feel like tweets like these, I hate to say this, but if you were to reverse the roles, these people would be cancelled," Destiny explained during his 27th September stream. 

"If I was on a show with another girl who was like 'Steven please leave me alone' and I was like 'woah why do you... you talked to me, I think that you should do this' I would get banned," he added while emulating Ana's behaviour during a recent panel in which Destiny confronted her about the situation.

The Zherka Royale, hosted by Jon Zherka this past 23rd September, featured Ana and a surprise appearance by Destiny, who jumped into the Discord call to fight back against her allegations of abuse she'd been spreading out for well over a year. 

Destiny continued explaining on his stream that she's "insane" and is "being held f*cking hostage" by Ana. 

"I literally have blocked her for six f*cking months, and she would DM me on every platform. She's sent DMs to literally every f*cking person in my little politics group. I can't ignore her, it doesn't work."

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Destiny can't ignore Ana's constant stalking, he admits. (Picture: Jon Zherka)

Ana's behaviour stems from a failed relationship with Destiny, with her criticising him for "acting like a boyfriend" when he had no intention of actually being in a relationship. 

It seems this controversy is once again being the talk of the Twitch community. As always, we'll keep you updated as soon as the story develops.

Destiny wants it to end. (Picture: Destiny)

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Featured image courtesy of Destiny.