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Did Aircool use a racist slur during Twitch hot tub stream?

Twitch streamer Aircool has been accused of using a racist slur during his birthday hot tub stream with Corinna Kopf and Alyssa Kulani.
For his 24th birthday, Twitch star Brian "Aircool" Stern known for his Just Chatting antics and Battle Royale streams, had a hot tub stream with Corinna Koph and Alyssa Kulani. While the Twitch stream was underway, the three had some drinks, and Aircool did a piece of freestyle rap, in which he appeared to use a racist slur. However, there is some debate surround if this was actually a racist slur, or if he was just slurring his words due to being a bit drunk.

Did Aircool say a racist slur on Twitch?

If Aircool used a racist slur live on a Twitch stream, he would likely get banned. At the time of writing, his channel remains active.

In the recent birthday hot tub stream with Corinna Koph and Alyssa Kulani, Aircool's freestyle rap gained a lot of attention especially so since he has nearly 900,000 followers on Twitch.

did aircool use a racial slur twitch hot tub stream Corinna Koph Alyssa Kulani(Picture: Aircool)

Def Noodles on Twitter came out to say the following: "THIS SHOULD’VE STAYED IN YOUR DRAFTS: Twitch Streamer Aircool saying the n-word on live."

Judge for yourself in the video below.

This prompted Corinna Koph (who was in the hot tub with Aircool) to hit back on Twitter, stating: "What kind of report is that? no, he didn’t say the n-word. he said 'dick a slangin' he’s drunk and he’s slurring his words. you can literally hear the 'd'. stop running with these shit narratives."

The question for many remains if Aircool actually did use a racist slur, or if his speech was just a bit impaired due to all the alcohol consumed.

Def Noodles followed up by posting a video to Twitter, slowing down the incident in question.


At the time of writing, Aircool has not made an official comment on the allegations of using a racist slur during the recent Twitch hot tub stream. His channel is currently still active, with no indication of a ban.

We will leave it up to each reader to decide if Aircool actually did use the racist slur live on Twitch, or if he used a similar-sounding term.

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