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DrDisrespect comments on Mixer shutdown: "Not a laughing matter"

DrDisrespect has responded to people laughing at the Mixer shutdown. Thinks Shroud and Ninja will return to Twitch.
DrDisrespect comments on Mixer shutdown: "Not a laughing matter"

Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm IV can sometimes be a bit crass, outspoken, and finds humour in a lot of subjects. However, people laughing and relishing in the Mixer shutdown doesn't sit well with the famous streamer.


DrDisrespect comments on Mixer shutdown

To the surprise of fans across the globe, Microsoft announced the Mixer shutdown, and how it would be merging with Facebook gaming. Since then, there seems to have been many gamers out there who find the Mixer shutdown funny. DrDisrespect definitely isn't one of them.

DrDisrespect responded to a fan which found the Mixer shutdown hilarious, explaining how it isn't funny at all and how people's livelihoods are in peril.

DrDisrespect comments: "I don't know if that's anything... There is probably a lot of people that are being laid off, there are jobs involved. That's definitely not something to laugh about."



The famous Twitch streamer then continued to explain the problems Mixer faced: "Something just wasn't clicking with Mixer and Microsoft attracting talent and top talent outside of just paying them straight up. It's interesting that Facebook bought Mixer. Like why? I don't know."



Could Shroud and Ninja return to Twitch?

While it is likely Shroud and Ninja could return to Twitch, neither of the famous streamers have confirmed their next move. At the time of writing, both Shroud and Ninja have said they are thinking about their next steps.

DrDisrespect thinks both Shroud and Ninja will return to Twitch, explaining: "I'm sure they will. I don't know all the details. If they are able to get paid and get out of that whole situation and make a decision wherever they want to go. S$%t, they knocked it out of the park."



While not a confirmation Shroud and Ninja will return, it seems like the two streamer superstars are free to join a platform.