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Team Heretics owner and record-breaking Twitch streamer Grefg banned for criticising ban policies

The Spanish streamer commented on Brunenger's controversial ban from the platform, costing him a three-day suspension.
Team Heretics owner and record-breaking Twitch streamer Grefg banned for criticising ban policies

Spanish streamer David "TheGrefg" Cánovas announced he was banned from Twitch on 22nd March following a broadcast made alongside Argentinian content creator Bruneger, who has been indefinitely suspended since March of 2021.

Grefg is perhaps more known for holding the record for highest concurrent peak on Twitch, sitting at 2.4 million viewers, dwarfing Ibai Llanos' 1.5 million at second place. He's now in the headlines again, though this time it's stirring up some discussion online as many are questioning an action taken against him.

First reported by the automated StreamerBans Twitter account, Grefg took to Twitter to confirm the reason for his ban a few minutes later.

Why was TheGrefg banned from Twitch?

grefg twitch
Grefg is owner of Team Heretics. (Picture: TheGrefg)

Grefg mentioned to his more than 6 million Twitter followers that he received a ban from the platform following his stream alongside Bruneger, in which they criticised the Twitch banning policies.

"Greetings, people. Here to tell you I've been banned from Twitch for 3 DAYS following the stream I made with Bruneger explaining his case and critiquing Twitch's banning policies. I knew I put myself at risk doing something like this and this is the punishment. I'll be back on Friday."

The Team Heretics owner uploaded a YouTube video with highlights from the stream, giving context to those unfamiliar with the situation. The clip explains that Bruneger signed with Grefg's esports org last year, only to be permanently banned days later.

Bruneger's permaban came in March 2021, when the Argentinian was trying to reach 1 million followers on Twitch. According to the popular streamer, a friend of his drew a penis with foam, causing the suspension. "A work of art," he jokingly admitted.

It's worth mentioning that this was his sixth ban from the platform. In January of last year, he was banned for showing a prop gun on stream and pointing it at his head.

"The most frustrating thing is that I sent mails, contacted support. Nobody gave me a straight answer, 'Bruneger, you f*cked up, we're gonna ban you six months, seven, eight, a year.'"

Bruneger explained some of his other Twitch offenses, including one where his mother popped up in his room and accidentally flashed parts of her underwear while picking up something from the floor. 

"I follow some streamers that show a little bit more than that" Grefg said, alluring to the wave of hot tub content creators that still populate the platform.

bruneger grefg
Bruneger showed up on Grefg's stream wearing an Among Us helmet. (Picture: TheGrefg)

"Bruno does a lot of risky content, but what I can't fathom is not giving you a return date. If there's something I'd criticise, this would be my conclusion," Grefg added. 

"I get I made mistakes, but it's surreal. There are people that are doing these things on purpose, a girl showed her vagina on Twitch and she got banned three days! There's a lack of empathy and analysis [from Twitch]," Bruneger finished. 

So far, Twitch has yet to issue a response. You can watch the YouTube video down below if you want to dust off your Spanish.

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Featured image courtesy of TheGrefg.