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Lost Ark is the "most boring game" Shroud has ever played

Twitch superstar Shroud is not convinced that he will enjoy playing Lost Ark and criticised the game's gruelling levelling system.
Lost Ark is the "most boring game" Shroud has ever played
IN FEED: Lost Ark is the "most boring game" Shroud has ever playedTwitch megastar and former esports pro, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, is typically opinionative about trending topics and recently slammed Smilegate's latest MMO, Lost Ark, as possibly the most boring game he's ever played.

The streamer took particular aim at the game's gruelling levelling system, claiming it would be a major detraction for many fans. Indeed, Shroud's criticism of Lost Ark is in stark contrast to the game's immense popularity, peaking at 1.3 million concurrent players earlier this week.

Shroud says Lost Ark is the most boring game he's ever played

During his 14th February Twitch live stream, chatters were contemplating whether or not Shroud would play Lost Ark. Followingly, he responded, saying, "Yeah. I might play Lost Ark today, but I just don't know how much I'm going to enjoy it."

Shroud does not think he will enjoy playing Lost Ark
Shroud does not think he will enjoy playing Lost Ark. (Picture: Twitch / Shroud)

"When it was in beta, it was the most boring game I've ever played," Shroud added before clarifying, "But, that's only because I was levelling."

Shroud continued, noting, "The chances are -- or what's going to happen is I'm going to play it, then I'm going to be bored as f*ck while I level [up my character], and I'll probably quit again before I even hit max level."

"It is just so boring to level up in that game. I don't know what the f*ck they were thinking with any of their decisions [regarding] the levelling process. Ah, f*ck," Shroud scoffed.

About an hour later, after several chatters begged him to play, Shroud caved, saying, "Fine, I'll play it [...] It's the only way to make people shut the f*ck up."

lost ark most played game on steam
Lost Ark is currently one of the most played games on Steam. (Picture: Smilegate)

While it's clear that his initial motivation to play Lost Ark was less than compelling, who knows, perhaps Shroud will come to enjoy it. Indeed, the time required to level in most MMOs is remarkably taxing and annoying; and Lost Ark is no different.

However, Smilegate has enabled Knowledge Transfers (basically,  the game's automatic levelling system for alt accounts) at launch for Western servers, a feature that was not readily available during the beta.

shroud complains about lost ark levelling system broken boring
Knowledge Transfers is a mechanic players can use to easily level up alts in Lost Ark. (Picture: YouTube / Osterberg501)

We'll be sure to let you know if and when Shroud changes his mind about the game. Also, if you enjoy reading about streamers and influencers, then be sure to check out our dedicated entertainment section for more news and updates.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Shroud and Smilegate.