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Ludwig urges fans not to spend their stimulus checks on his stream

The streamer has been very vocal about establishing boundaries with his audience and is recommending they spend that money elsewhere.
Ludwig Aghren has never shied away from establishing boundaries with his audience, dedicating an entire YouTube video titled "I Am Not Your Friend" explaining the parasocial relationship between both.

With the streamer currently powering through a massive never-ending stream, he's urged his North American fans not to spend their stimulus checks on his subathon.

"DON’T USE YOUR STIMMY CHECKS ON ME," was the message Ludwig sent via Twitter to his fans eager to extend the stream's duration, as the former Smash Melee player has been adding seconds to the timer for every sub and bits received, reaching over 70 hours as of the time of writing.

ludwig sleeping subathon
Ludwig doesn't stop his stream even while sleeping (Picture: Ludwig)

This past 17th March, major North American banks started delivering millions of $1,400 worth checks across the United States. According to CBS News, the IRS said that "it had delivered 90 million payments valued at $242 billion in its first batch of checks, while another 150,000 checks worth about $442 million were sent via mail."

With Ludwig surpassing 40,000 subs during his never-ending stream, it's clear the streamer doesn't need any more subscribers than he already has, and with more than 50 hours remaining on the clock, we're sure that the number will continue to rise.