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Piece of Sheet banned from Twitch over "inappropriate username"

The League of Legends streamer says he'd never had a complaint in his 8 years of streaming.
Piece of Sheet banned from Twitch over "inappropriate username"

It seems that over the last couple of months Twitch has started a crusade to purge anything that could tarnish their band and making them less desirable as a platform for advertisers.

The ongoing DMCA campaign is something the streaming community will surely remember 2020 for, but there are also some other moves Twitch is currently undergoing in order to "purify" the streaming platform.

They've declared war on people who use ad blockers and are trying to actively worsen their experience by forcing them to watch streams at resolutions of 360p.

And now it seems they are also going after streamers that have even mildly suggestive names which can be interpreted in two or more ways.

Piece of Sheet Twitch banned
(Picture: Piece of sheet)

Piece of Sheet, a long-standing League streamer with a streaming career that spans over eight years, has been informed that his access to Twitch has been "indefinitely restricted".

And the reason for this sudden suspension is an inappropriate username.

"I streamed on Twitch back in 2012 when was more popular....been super active for 8 years, but now get banned for an inappropriate name?" the streamer lamented.

The message he got from Twitch says that his violation is of "severe nature" and that he committed "multiple violations", but they only mention the inappropriate username.

And while his name is indeed suggestive and a play of words intended to sound like "piece of s**t", the issue here is that he got a permanent suspension without any previous warnings or a chance to change the name deemed inappropriate.

Several other streamers reported getting banned over their usernames without previous warning, including a streamer that goes under the name Pajja.

He got permabanned the same day he achieved affiliate status on Twitch, apparently because his name sounds similar to "paja" which is a slang term meaning masturbation in Spanish.

"I am the boi in question, I can confirm I was indefinitely suspended for "offensive username". My username at the time being Pajja_", says the suspended streamer.

In the meantime, his ban got revoked after his case got an exposure over at the Livestreamfails subreddit.

The absurdity of banning people just because their name sounds like something in other languages speaks for itself.

People in the Twitch community are already starting to make jokes and memes out of it.

"Dick means Penis in English, do we expect all streamers called Richard to be banned?" says mimomusic, while another user suggests that the word "nick" should be banned because it sounds like "to fuck" in Arabic.

Other members of the community are thinking that with Twitch's latest moves they are digging their own grave and that rival streaming platform, Mixer's, shutdown has given them a confidence to push for more control over the platform.

Piece of Sheet, who's known in the League of Legends community for his Fiddlesticks mastery and is often featured on the popular LoL highlights YouTube channel Synapse, says that he's thinking of transitioning fully to Youtube if the matter is not solved in his favour.