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RajjPatel changes name to Austin with explanation and apology

Famous Twitch streamer RajjPatel changed his name and explains why.
RajjPatel changes name to Austin with explanation and apology

RajjPatel will from now on be known by his real first name, Austin. This change affects his social media handles, as well as his Twitch channel. Austin explained to his followers how the RajjPatel name is personally and professionally insensitive.

Why RajjPatel changed his name

RajjPatel is a famous online personality and reality show host on Twitch, where he hosts the Rajj Show, with popular creations including Rajjchelor. The Rajj Show is quite crude at times, and doesn't pull any punches.

In fact, the show has seen its fair share of controversy, with streamer Kacytron being banned from Twitch after she made an offensive joke on the Rajj Show. 

Now, the Rajj Show is no more, as RajjPatel has changed the name to his real first name, Austin. The show's name will now be called AustinShow, with his Twitch channel having the same name. 



In a TwitLonger post, Austin explained how he was under the impression he understood the "consequences and history of the choices" which he made on camera. Austin further noted he was ignorant when he first took on the Rajj Patel character as an actor back in 2013.

Austin continued by explaining: "Although it was never designed to be insensitive or harmful, I know now that is exactly what it was. I should never have named myself Rajj or taken on this character."


Rajj Patel name change Austin Show Rajj Show
The Rajjchelor in action... (Picture: AustinShow Twitch)


Austin, formerly known by Twitch fans as Rajj Patel, apologized to those he hurt, stating: "For those of you who were impacted personally, the South Asian & Indian community, I would like to give you what is long overdue, I'm sorry.

"As a white man of privilege, I will never be able to understand the struggle and hardships that people of colour go through every day and my words and actions have the power to add to that experience. I understand this now."

Austin wishes he would have listened "more fully and made these changes sooner". Moving forward, the streamer will not use the Rajj name in any way, rebranding everything under his real name.

While the Rajj Patel name change has been long overdue according to the streamer, the contents of the Austin Show will remain the same.