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Stake Casino pays Adin Ross $900k a week to gamble on Twitch

Notable Twitch streamer Adin Ross is reportedly getting paid around $900,000 by Stake Casino to gamble live on the platform.
Stake Casino pays Adin Ross $900k a week to gamble on Twitch

Twitch streamer Adin Ross is back in the spotlight once again as his recent earnings from paid sponsorships have caught the Twitch community's attention. Indeed, it is generally accepted for prominent Twitch and YouTube streamers to bolster their earnings with massive sponsorship deals in conjunction with streaming donations.

With incidences like last year's Twitch payout leaks that gave us an idea of how much they're banking, it has undoubtedly left salt in the wounds for many streamers. For Adin Ross, his Etherscan details revealed just how much he's getting from his Stake Casino sponsorship every month, which has startled people online.

Adin Ross paid $900K for gambling Twitch stream

The Twitch streamer rose to fame on the platform for his Just Streaming and variety gaming streams, including Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K and Fortnite. In recent months, he has gained notoriety with the gambling meta on the platform despite it being somewhat frowned upon by members of the Twitch community.

Early this month, Adin Ross leaked Discord messages with Stake Casino, his stream sponsor, which revealed how much he was earning per week. Followingly, a Twitter user provided the streamer's Etherscan details, which confirmed the information from the Discord messages he leaked.

According to the now-deleted Tweet, they had found the streamer's Etherscan details, which showed him receiving payment of around $900,000 (or 335 ETH) weekly. Not only is the figure staggering, but the amount of money Adin Ross earns monthly, possibly annually, is ranked in the millions.

adin ross gambling streams earnings original tweet deleted
The original tweet revealing how much Adin Ross is earning from his gambling Twitch streams has been deleted. (Picture: Twitter / 98prints)

Upon closer look at the Etherscan details, we can see similar figures entering the account of between 227 and 332 ETH, which are around $675,000 and $987,000. Nevertheless, the figure "is insane" but not reasonably surprising.

While the Tweet didn't get much traction on the platform, it did find its way to the Livestream Fails subreddit. The responses to the Reddit post were quite telling as many were left shocked, with a few dismissing the news altogether.

"There's just absolutely no way this is true. This would equate to near $50 million a year, making him the richest streamer and possibly YouTuber on planet Earth," Reddit user NerdDexter commented on the post.

They later edited their original comment, adding: "Stake.com estimated annual revenues are $1 billion USD. If you think one streamer on Twitch is getting 1/20th of their overall annual revenues, y'all are crazy."

adin ross gambling streams earnings twitch livestreams
Adin Ross' paid gambling streams on Twitch saw him earn at least $900,000 a week. (Picture: Twitch / Adin Ross)

On the other hand, AdMastercaptain made a valid point on how this has become commonplace in today's society and that streaming is no different. "Politicians say the same thing while they get bribed. The amount of money big business and rich people have is enough, to them doing whatever they want."

"It is already visible and felt in every level of society except the top. Eventually, the moral decline and corruption will fall onto everyone unless you have a space shuttle to Mars," they concluded their comment.

Regardless if one examines the situation or whether what Adin Ross is doing on stream is unethical, the history between streamers and influencers with gambling companies has been documented.

Despite their best efforts to affirm that their business dealings are legal, history tends to have a way of repeating itself.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch & Adin Ross.