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Streamer xQC receives death threats after Reddit experiment

Popular Twitch streamer xQc reportedly received death threats after contributing to Reddit's April Fool's Day 'Place' experiment.
Streamer xQC receives death threats after Reddit experiment

Twitch streamer Felix "xQcOW" Lengyel stated on his 4th April 2022 Twitch stream that he received "more threats in an hour than in the past six years combined" thanks to his participation in Reddit's 'Place' experiment.

The threats started flowing in on 1st April after xQcOW started streaming Reddit's April Fool's Day experiment, 'Place.' Place originated on Reddit on 1st April 2017 as an April Fool's Day event, and the social media site brought it back for 2022 from 1st April to 4th April.

xQcOW's r/Place Streams - Reddit April Fools

r/Place canvas xQcOW Reddit Twitch logo
Streamer xQc directed his viewers to create a large version of his own logo over others' art on Reddit's r/Place canvas. (Picture: xQcOW)

Logged-in Reddit users were able to add one colored pixel every five minutes to the originally-blank r/Place canvas. With a canvas size of 2000x1000, users needed to work together to create the works of art, logos, and flags that filled every inch of the page. Together, Redditors created tiny pixel Pokemon, epic Star Wars battles, and other familiar faces both real and fictional.

Other users, though, were set on disrupting the art on the canvas. xQcOW first directed his viewers to draw a woman's rear, but after Reddit moderators censored the art, the streamer quickly switched to a more destructive tone.

On later streams, xQcOW instructed his viewers to place dark purple dots over the OSU game logo, place black dots to cover up the art of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony and cover up other pixel art with his own logo instead.

"People are getting bored, and I don't blame them," xQcOW said about the canvas on his Twitch stream before telling his viewers to 'destroy' the pixelized Rainbow Dash.

xQcOW streamed the canvas on Twitch daily, breaking personal viewership records when he amassed over 290,000 viewers on 4th April.

xQcOW Receives Death Threats over Reddit

Some r/Place users were unhappy with xQcOW's community's changes to the canvas, going so far as to send the streamer death threats.

“I have gotten more threats in an hour than I have gotten in the past six years combined from changing pixels from one color to another on a corporate website that makes your fucking lights flash on your monitor through a piece of fucking plastic,” xQcOW explained live on his Twitch stream. “I’m not even kidding you. It is literally an actual corporate f***ing website that projects lights on your monitor.”

xQcOW last made headlines when he turned down a $1.2 million NFT sponsorship deal, creating some controversy but prompting many fans to praise his ethics.

xQcOW stream Reddit Death Threats
It's safe to say some viewers weren't pleased with xQcOW after his controversial recent stream. (Picture: xQcOW)

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Featured image courtesy of xQc on Twitch.