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Mizkif & CrazySlick Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Assault "Cover Up"

Twitch streamers Mizkif, CrazySlick, and Maya are under fire for allegedly covering up sexual assault and harassment.
Mizkif & CrazySlick Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Assault "Cover Up"

Twitch is currently embroiled with controversy and the entire community is in shambles. After heated debate and uproar regarding the ban of gambling on the streaming platform, several prominent streamers have since had their lives uprooted.

According to allegations by Tyler "Trainwreck" Nicknam on 19th September 2022, Twitch megastars Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo and now ex-girlfriend Maya Higa helped orchestrate the cover-up of CrazySlick's sexual assault on Adrianah Lee.

After several rallied arguments and public statements, Mizkif was later suspended from his organization One True King (OTK), while CrazySlick seemingly disappeared from the internet.

OTK suspends Mizkif amid CrazySlick sexual assault "cover up"

mizkif accused alleged cover up sexual harassment assault adrianah lee
Mizkif has been accused of covering up accusations of sexual assault and harassment. (Picture: Instagram / Mizkif)

The initial allegations surfaced after content creator Adrianah Lee posted a Twitlonger in July 2021, alleging that Twitch streamer CrazySlick made her feel “uncomfortable” after he touched her chest and neck while she was intoxicated and unconscious. But these accusations were supposedly watered down by Mizkif and Maya.

The drama was reignited on 19th September 2022 after Trainwreck gave his take on the ItsSliker controversy (a separate issue about a Twitch streamer scamming creators to feed his gambling addiction).

Responding to a now-deleted Tweet by Mizkif, who wrote, "If we're going to deplatform people for scamming others, shouldn't we have banned you for jolt coin a few years back?", Trainwreck immediately hit back, claiming that Mizkif helped "cover up all those sexual assaults."

After these allegations surfaced, Maya, Mizkif, David “Mitch” Mitchell Jones, and CrazySlick have been under fire. The first three individuals mentioned criticized for allegedly covering up CrazySlick’s sexual assault on Adrianah Lee.

twitch streamer adriana lee mizkif maya diluted allegations sexual assault harassment against crazyslick
Adrianah Lee claims Mizkif and Maya "diluted" the sexual assault and harassment allegations she made against CrazySlick. (Picture: Instagram / Adrianah Lee)

Clearing up to her initial statement in the TwitLonger, Adrianah Lee explained in a Twitch Livestream that the initial Twitlonger was a “diluted version of the story that was proofread” by Maya and OTK members.

Alongside these allegations, Adrianah addressed some of the messages sent to her by CrazySlick that were evidence of his sexual harassment.

One of the messages allegedly showed CrazySlick asking if Adrianah wanted to “sleep in his bed,” followed by the streamer asking her to hang out with him if he bought her a plane ticket.

Adrianah stated that Mizkif, Maya, and the crew allegedly ghosted her after the streamer’s Twitlonger, and the controversy died down. However, the Twitch streamer said she felt “belittled” and then even showed a clip of Mizkif allegedly confirming himself that Adrianah was “harassed.”

CrazySlick posted a now-deleted Tweet in response to these allegations stating he had “never sexually assaulted anyone and never will.”

Despite stating that the content creator had nothing to hide and would be contacting a “lawyer,” he later disappeared from the internet, deactivating his Twitter account.

Following the recent drama, OTK has suspended Mizkif while a third-party organization investigates the allegations, alongside some other rising remarks of the Twitch streamer being racist and homophobic.

These remarks were put forward by Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino, who showed Mizkif sending the streamer racist and homophobic slurs—which have now added more fuel to the already-raging fire.

While the Twitch community is sharpening their pitchforks and canceling Mizkif, CrazySlick, and some of the OTK members that “orchestrated” the cover-up of Adrianah Lee’s sexual harassment and assault allegations, the accused have yet to respond. Mizkif has addressed the drama in an official Twitlonger, but CrazySlick and Maya haven't yet.

Besides OTK officially stating it'd suspend Mizkif following investigation, only time will tell if these content creators will remain on Twitch or leave the limelight.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram via Mizkif and Adrianah Lee / Twitter via Crazy Slick.