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Twitch streamer under fire for harassing women to join e-dating show

The Twitch community has pleaded with the platform to investigate Ohoff following reports of harassment made toward other female streamers.
Twitch streamer under fire for harassing women to join e-dating show

Twitch streamer Ohoff is under fire for comments he made towards several female streamers on the platform. Ohoff was rebroadcasting multiple streams on his channel, where he proceeded to coerce them to join an e-dating show.

However, when they noted that they were not interested, the streamer continued to harass them and proceeded to steal their viewers by self-promoting his channel in their chats. The incidences of harassment were later uploaded to Twitter, which prompted calls for Twitch to investigate the issue.

Ohoff called out for harassing female streamers

During a Twitch live stream on 2nd February 2022, Ohoff broadcasted several streams from small female creators in which he promoted an e-dating show, inviting them to join for some "clout". The incidents were clipped and posted to Twitter by user KurlyChrisTV who alerted Twitch Support in a Twitter thread.

"Is it okay for Ohoff to be rebroadcasting numerous women streamers, harassing them to join an e-dating show while stealing viewers through self-promotion? All of this was from only one stream. This is a disgrace to the platform," the Twitter user wrote.

Some of the few notable incidences of harassment involved Ohoff, who posted a message to a female streamer, stating that he wanted to chat to her and that he had "clout" to offer. The moderators then deleted the message and timed Ohoff out after the female streamer said they were "not interested in clout."

ohoff twitch streamer harassing women
One of the female streamers who had rejected Ohoff's offer to appear in an e-dating show. (Picture: Twitch / Ohoff)

In another clipped incident, Ohoff dropped in on another female streamer's chat, asking if she'd be interested in doing an e-date for "some content".

The female streamer politely rejected the offer, stating that she's "good" and that she didn't "need the content" before Ohoff complained about being "rejected" by them.

Since KurlyChrisTV posted the video clips on Twitter, there have been several calls by community members asking Twitch to "do something about this".

Many users called for Ohoff to be removed from Twitch, with one user noting that they had already reported Ohoff for prior incidents of harassment.

twitch harassment pokimane jidion
The alleged incident of Ohoff harassing women on Twitch comes weeks after Pokimane was targeted by a sexist "hate raid" on the platform. (Picture: Twitch / Pokimane / JiDion)

In light of the recent incident, Twitter user, Cypress, reaffirmed their stance on why they chose to remain anonymous on the platform. "This right here is a huge reason why I'm faceless. I wouldn't and couldn't deal with this shit, super disappointed that my feelings have been reaffirmed to not face revealing anytime soon."

Another Twitter user revealed that Ohoff allegedly engaged in illegal activities, likely off-stream, which his followers reportedly confirmed. "He was also bragging about taking breaks to 'juice up,' which he implied was doing coke... his own chat confirmed it. All around a big yikes by this dude," Amberghini wrote.

Twitch has yet to make a statement regarding Ohoff and the bouts of harassment towards female streamers on the platform. We'll be following this story and updating it when more information breaks.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch.