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Twitch Streamer Wolfabelle Blackmailed By Stalker For Sexual Favors

Twitch streamer Wolfabelle opened up about being doxed, stalked, and blackmailed for sexual favors before breaking down in tears.
Twitch Streamer Wolfabelle Blackmailed By Stalker For Sexual Favors

It's not uncommon for Twitch streamers to fall victim to doxing, hacking, or even in some cases, stalkers in real life. For example, Twitch superstar Amouranth encountered an Estonian stalker who fled his home country to try to break into her home. The man was later apprehended; however, such incidents often result in permanent trauma and mental scarring.

On 10th September 2022, Twitch streamer Wolfabelle opened up about her experience of being stalked, doxed, and blackmailed. On her stream, Wolfabelle addressed her community about the awful circumstances she’d been facing. She revealed how her stalker blackmailed her with her private information to perform sexual favors, threatening to leak her details online.

Wolfabelle Blackmailed By Stalker For Sexual Favors

wolfabelle doxed stalked blackmailed twitch
Wolfabelle opened up about being doxed, stalked, and blackmailed on Twitch.

Wolfabelle unveiled the horrifying incident on her stream; while tearing up and clearly distraught, she told her community about what happened. The Twitch streamer said she was doxed by an unknown individual and was threatened to perform sexual favors or have her address and personal details leaked onto the internet.

She explained that the individual went to her home and took pictures outside her residence as proof. The content creator stated she immediately asked her friends for a temporary place to stay and fled her house after encountering these horrifying images.

On Wolfabelle’s stream, she said, “Obviously, I’m never going to comply to [doing sexual favors] in a million years, but they know my address, and they sent a picture of my flat. And that's obviously a big privacy threat. So, I dipped the scene as soon as I could. So luckily, I have some amazing friends that took me in for now.”

Wolfabelle added, “They said they were going to leak all my personal information today, and I’m not going to confirm whether any of it is legitimate or not. [...] I’ve been talking to the police and giving them updates, and they’ve been helping. A lot of streamer friends have reached out to help, which is really touching.”

The Twitch streamer added that she was looking for a new home for the time being, but the damage caused by the stalker affected her stream too. Wolfabelle explained that she’s been “stressed, tired, and scared,” and the worst part, it’s affecting her ability to “stream” because of the circumstance.

wolfabelle tired stressed scared traumatic experiences
Wolfabelle stated she was "tired, stressed, and scared" because of these traumatic experiences.

Despite these detrimental acts, Wolfabelle has tried her best to remain strong and states that good people surround her to support her during these horrific times.

It’s sad to see someone tear down another and inflict traumatic experiences. But,  Wolfabelle's community and fellow streamers continue to support Wolfabelle as she transitions to a new home and livelihood.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch / Wolfabelle.