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xQc Calls Andrew Tate Out For Misogynistic Views And Objectifying Women

Viral internet icon Andrew Tate was left fuming after Twitch star xQc called out his misogynistic remarks and objectification of women.
xQc Calls Andrew Tate Out For Misogynistic Views And Objectifying Women

The internet is known for its odd takes, infuriated bantering, and hate toward protected groups. Yet, it is also responsible for the majorly amplified spread of toxicity from word of mouth to digital communication and platforms.

Indeed, most opinions or ignorant remarks from lesser-known individuals don’t seem to hit as hard. But in the case of influencers, out-of-line opinions can trigger massive controversy and help parade groups of ignorant and hateful individuals toward a more-sinister cause, belief, or view.

Twitch stars Adin Ross, xQc, and Trainwreck recently engaged in a debate with the controversial kickboxer-turned-influencer Andrew Tate, known by many for his sexist, misogynistic, and often divisive views. While the stream discussed several real-life issues, it's safe to say that not everybody agreed with what Tate had to say.

xQc Slams Andrew Tate For Treating Women Like His “Lambos”

Twitch star xQc is no stranger to controversy. (Picture: Twitch / xQc)

Perhaps the most outrageous topic was Andrew Tate’s views of women and the lengths he went to justify his misogynistic opinions. This unironically included them being "terrible drivers."

According to Tate, if he were in a situation where an eighteen-year-old woman was the driver, he wouldn’t feel safe letting her take the wheel because women are worse drivers than men. On the other hand, if a man took the wheel, he wouldn’t mind. Tate states, “in my personal experience, I feel safer if a man is driving me [instead] of a woman who’s driving.” 

Andrew tate kickboxing champion xqc adin ross twitch stream
Andrew Tate is a four-time kickboxing world champion. (Picture: Andrew Tate)

During the stream, Tate attempted to justify his opinion by explaining that he’s not saying women shouldn’t drive or be limited never to take the wheel. Beyond this, he also acknowledged some women could drive well. But he explicitly stated that men are better drivers than women.

Twitch star xQc, also known for his toxic community and odd takes, largely sat on the other side of the rally while Adin Ross, Trainwreck, and others supervised as the supposed jury. And although xQc didn't respond with the most well-communicated opinions, he fired back at Tate by saying how genders shouldn’t matter regarding if someone’s a bad driver.

“A bad driver on the road, you can see, is a bad driver. I don’t give a f*ck if they’re old, missing both hands, if they’re a guy, if they’re white or black; I don’t give a f*ck. That person can’t drive,” said xQc.

andrew tate hustlers university
Andrew Tate's website, Hustler's University, is dedicated to making money and getting women. (Picture: Andrew Tate)

Tate was also vocal about his partner being flirted on by other men, comparing them to someone trying to enter a locked car. His analogy essentially objectifies his girlfriend as his property or “his car.” 

In response, xQc shut down Tate’s analogy, saying, “I could rationalize [your analogy] if most of the girls I dated had the IQ of somebody who cannot move, think, or do anything and are just stuck on the side of a f*cking curb.”

“It doesn’t make sense in the real world because you don’t park your girlfriend on the curb at the club; they move, they talk, they do sh*t,” the Twitch star added.

Tate countered the argumentative response by glorifying his stature when compared to xQc. He stated if xQc and Tate dated the same women, they “would behave better” with Tate than xQc. In a witty and destructive clap-back, xQc responded, “you treat and pay for [women] like they’re Lambos.”

After many hours of back-and-forth debating, xQc debunked Tate’s opinions and lambasted him for his misogynistic views and objectification of women.

Although xQc did shoot some hit-and-misses throughout all the anecdotes, analogies, and points of argument, he ended up causing Tate to march fumingly off the Discord call but not before letting out one last cry to injure xQc's intelligence, morals, and opinions.

If you're interested in watching the full live stream, we've embedded it for your viewing consideration below.

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Featured image courtesy of xQc and Twitch.