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xQc condemns Twitch chat hoppers slamming the practice

Streaming superstar xQc has come out to condemn all Twitch chat hoppers, calling them cancer in a recent stream.
xQc condemns Twitch chat hoppers slamming the practice
Twitch superstar Félix "xQc" Lengyel doesn't pull punches when it comes to his opinions about the streamer platform's users. Instead, xQc speaks his mind, and his latest topic of conversation has to do with Twitch chat hoppers. These are essentially people who jump from one streamer's chat to the next causing drama and further arguments between the audiences of different streamers. xQc has now come out to condemn all Twitch chat hoppers, especially when there's drama involved.

xQc slams Twitch chat hoppers

For those who are unaware, xQc, along with many other Twitch streamers, have been playing GTA Online via RP servers. xQc himself even got a couple of bans under his belt and there's a whole lot of drama between streamers at times.

In a recent stream, xQc first started off by mentioning the GTA Online RP drama, saying it feels good not to be in the middle of it all.

xqc twitch chat hoppers slams cancer GTA online RP(Picture: xQc)

He goes on to talk about some fans who know nothing about the drama but feed off it, stating: "They don’t understand what the f$%k is going on but bark the loudest. They know nothing at all…they have the strongest opinions."

xQc then continues by slamming Twitch chat hoppers, calling them "cancer" and how streamers themselves can create this issue.

Félix "xQc" Lengyel explains: "Chat hoppers are complete cancer. But when drama is happening, and there’s a lot of chat hopping going on, I’ve realized that if you throw the ball back… you not only reward the hoppers but encourage your own people to become hoppers in retaliation. You create a big hopping environment."

You can catch the full, recent stream below. The topic starts at roughly 4:48 and concludes at 8:15.


Calling all Twitch chat hoppers "cancer" might be a bit harsh. 

However, xQc does make some good points about fans jumping from stream to stream just to fight and instigate even more drama.