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xQc escapes another Twitch ban for near nude Jackie Chan

Twitch streamer xQc has been notoriously known for his famous Twitch bans as recently he puts his FPS tracking skills to the ultimate test against one of the masters of martial arts films, Jackie Chan.
xQc escapes another Twitch ban for near nude Jackie Chan

Felix ”xQc” Lengyel maybe Twitch’s most notorious (and sometimes, polarising) figure on the platform and his Twitch bans are living proof of it. While many had hoped the streamer had learned his lesson from his more recent ban, it may seem xQc more than learned from his mistakes.

The Twitch streamer risked a possible sixth ban on the platform by going up against one of Hollywood’s greatest stuntmen, the legendary Jackie Chan, in the ultimate test of skill and possibly mental fortitude. The results made it a worthwhile watch while the streamer showed off his incredible FPS skills.

xQc vs Jackie Chan: Who would win?

During a recent stream, xQc was watching clips from the actor/stuntman’s legendary career when the streamer noticed a point in the clip when the actor was about to drop into nothing but his drawers. In a surprising display of pure FPS skill and tactics, the streamer avoided showing a near-nude Jackie Chan by getting rather creative.

Instead of showing Chan in his drawers and other parts, the streamer covered it up using his face to censor them during his stream. Not only was his reaction timing near perfection, but the streamer also refused to allow a near-naked Jackie Chan to cause the streamer to bother or startle him.

The streamer showed off his incredible FPS skills against Jackie Chan in a recent Twitch stream. (Picture: xQcOW)
xQc escapes another Twitch ban for near nude Jackie Chan

The streamer, too, didn’t allow his viewers to cause him to fluster. Instead, he allowed them to continue watching him as he had his face covering Jackie Chan’s parts across the screen.

Tracking is such an invaluable skill to possess, especially in the competitive FPS pro circuit, which allows players to predict every move and reaction of their target by keeping their crosshair on there at all times. For xQc, a former Overwatch pro, his tracking skills have not diminished.

xQc escapes another Twitch ban for near nude Jackie Chan
xQc’s recent antics during a Twitch stream shows his FPS skills are still intact. (Picture: xQcOW)

Undoubtedly, Twitch won’t be serving the streamer with yet another ban this time, xQc took on the challenge while showing off his impeccable tracking skills against Jackie Chan, of all people. Even in the face of uncertainty, xQc more than learned from his ban experiences; he surpassed them.

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Featured image courtesy of xQcOW.