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xQc explains why streamers are not supporting Valkyrae over RFLCT drama

xQc illustrates his point as to why he believes streamers are not coming to the defense of Valkyrae over the RFLCT controversy.
xQc explains why streamers are not supporting Valkyrae over RFLCT drama

The past few days have been particularly difficult for Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter to endure. Following the announcement of her skincare line, RFLCT, it was immediately received with mostly criticism over one of its main beauty claims.

Many have taken advantage of the situation to poke fun at the blue light claims the skincare line presents; others have provided more honest or brash criticisms aimed at both the streamer and the products. Enter Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who explained why prominent streamers haven’t rushed to Valkyrae’s defense.

xQc addresses whether streamers should be supporting Valkyrae amidst RFLCT drama

xQc made his comments public on why Valkyrae feels some of her friends had yet to reach out to her, which she found “interesting”. According to xQc, not only did he absolve them for not contacting her, but if he was in a similar position, he wouldn’t expect them to do the same.

“If there’s a problem with the product and the fact-checking, that’s kind of like her job or responsibility; it literally is the responsibility of your job,” xQc explained.

xQc then further elaborated his opinion by constructing a hypothetical situation for his viewers. The situation he presented was a game that he had developed; however, things surrounding the game appeared “weird”.

xQc explains why prominent streamers aren't defending Valkyrae in the RFLCT controversy. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

He went on to state that he received no contact from any of his friends, whether it would be to offer advice, criticism or support. Furthermore, he concluded that he wouldn’t expect them to reach out to him as the responsibility resides with him.

“I don’t blame them for not doing it, either, because it’s my f**king job. I signed the papers. I signed the contact. I did it on my own. It’s my battle. I’m solo. I don’t assume that the whole squad is on my side, and now we’re fighting together. It’s just not how it works,” xQc concluded.

Regardless of xQc’s comments, the controversy won’t likely simmer down as more are reacting and discussing the skincare line’s claims. Valkyrae has since responded to the controversy on Twitter, addressing that “all the hate, the doubt, concerns and the criticism are all warranted and valid”.

According to social media posts, the RFLCT skincare line is expected to launch soon. Valkyrae also commented that the correct information on the products would reflect soon on the website.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / xQc / Valkyrae).