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xQc says Travis Scott's apology over Astroworld incident was a f-king joke

Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel blasted Travis Scott for his "joke" apology video response to the Astroworld Festival disaster: "Who would post this?"
xQc says Travis Scott's apology over Astroworld incident was a f-king joke

Travis Scott has been heavily criticized after at least 100,000 fans attending his Astroworld Festival in Houston this past weekend stormed the stage, leaving roughly 300 fans injured and at least eight dead. The American rapper subsequently issued a statement on Twitter in response to the fatalities, citing how "absolutely devastated" he was by what happened. He also extended prayers to all those impacted and the families who lost loved ones at the show.

travis scott astroworld xqc react apology video joke
Travis Scott issues apology regarding incidents at Astroworld Festival. (Picture: Twitter / Travis Scott)

More recently, however, the star released a "heartfelt" apology video on his Instagram Story on 7th November, which quickly went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel later reacted to the video, calling it a "f**king joke."

xQc reacts to Travis Scott's disingenuous Astroworld apology

Halfway through watching the apology video on his Twitch Livestream, xQc said: "This apology is f*** joke, how do any of the people that work for him let him post this s**t. Black and white filter. Hand on face. What is that?" 

The Twitch star continued to watch the video, but not long before he burst out saying, "This is so bad. What the f**k is that?" xQc then paused the video and addressed his chat, saying: "Guys, okay. This is really weird. I feel like someone told him to post something. Who would actually post this?"

xQc wasn't the only person to criticize the video in this way, and many felt as though Travis Scott's body language made it seem as though the video was disingenuous. "I'm not sorry, but Travis Scott's apology felt so fake. Mf really thought that by rubbing his braids through 96% of the video, we'd feel empathetic for him," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another Twitter user commented that Travis's apology video made it seem like he was just caught cheating in a test. "Travis Scott's apology to the families of those affected by the tragedy at his concert is appalling [the] whole time he rubbing (sic) his head like a student that got caught cheating in a test? Poor," they said.

According to a report by The Guardian, Travis Scott and Drake were slammed with multiple lawsuits following the chaos that broke out at the Astroworld Festival. Apparently, Travis bringing Drake onto the stage helped incite chaos and mayhem, which eventually led to the crowd becoming "out of control."

travis scott drake addresses astroworld fatalities apology video xqc twitch react
Travis Scott and Drake allegedly incited the chaos at Astroworld Festival. (Picture: Instagram / Astroworld Festival)

Epic Games has also responded to the incident by disabling the "Daily" section of the Item Shop in Fortnite and removing the Travis Scott "Out West" emote from the "Astronomical" cosmetic pack. Although Epic Games did not specifically reveal that the Astroworld Festival incident was the reason for this decision, it is (given the uncanny timing) inferred.

Roughly 50,000 people were in the audience when fans stormed the stage, and hundreds were injured. The event was initially planned to run over two days but has been cancelled due to the tragic event. At the time of writing, the local Texas authorities have also launched a criminal investigation, which is currently ongoing.

Our thoughts are with those families who have lost their loved ones at the tragic incident at Astroworld.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / xQcOW.