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XTRA Aaron reveals "abusive" dad exploited his disability to raise money for a vacation

Twitch streamer XTRA Aaron (also known as ThatGeekAaron) shares his account of how his dad abused, neglected, and exploited him and his condition in a cry for help.
ThatGeekAaron (also known as XTRA Aaron) is a popular Fortnite Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator, with a collective fanbase of over 120K followers. Born with a rare skin disease, Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (or EB for short); a condition that causes the skin to scrape off and blister, Aaron has won the hearts of many in the online streaming space.

More recently, however, Aaron and his brother Jensen shared a heartbreaking story, in which they detailed how their "abusive" father exploited a non-profit foundation intended to fundraise for EB awareness for a private vacation with his girlfriend. They both also shared their testimony of how their dad neglected and abused them, but desperately needed some help.

XTRA Aaron reveals his account of "abusive" dad's neglect and exploitation

In a statement on Twitter, Jensen said that he finally managed to escape his abusive father on 30th August but was "reaching out for help with housing" due to his "emergency situation," adding a link to a GoFundMe page.

On the GoFundMe page, Jensen revealed allegations of how his father abused, neglected, and exploited Aaron and his condition.

"My dad wanted Aaron to look more and more disabled to the government and to his own social circle. He created a non-profit foundation investing all of Aaron's money and is now using it to not fund EB awareness, but a vacation to Bora Bora with his girlfriend," Jensen wrote.

xtra aaron thatgeekaaron gofundme abusive father neglect exploitation
ThatGeekAaron says his dad used funds raised to help him with his condition to fund a private vacation. (Picture: Twitter / XTRA Aaron)

Jensen continued to reveal that his "family, financial and housing situation isn't liveable," detailing how his family is all living in one bedroom, with no air conditioning, indoor or outdoor ramp, and small bathtub. "We don't have space for bandaging [...], sleeping, preparing food, and for any of us to do homework," Jensen added.

According to the GoFundMe page, Aaron and Jensen's father "knows [that] the police report against him is being reviewed by the district attorney."

On the GoFundMe page, Aaron also included a manifesto alleging the verbal, physical, and emotional abuse he endured from his father.

XTRA Aaron reveals sickening account of his father's abuse and neglect. (Picture: Twitch / ThatGeekAaron)
XTRA Aaron reveals a sickening account of his father's abuse and neglect. (Picture: Twitch / ThatGeekAaron)

Aaron revealed how his father would torment him, calling him "asshole," "loser," "stupid dumb b*tch," "f*cking dumbass," and "midget." He also added how he would be "a loser for the rest of [his] life, and that he was "going to die."

Accordingly, Aaron alleged that his father physically abused him, including throwing objects at him, hitting him, and causing physical damage to his body.

XTRA Aaron recounts how his father abused, neglected, and exploited him and his illness jensen family
XTRA Aaron recounts how his father abused, neglected, and exploited him and his illness. (Picture: GoFund Me / Jensen and Family)

"I'm hungry and dehydrated all the time. I'm skinny. I'm malnourished. My skin and health is (sic) deteriorating because of him. I'm being neglected. My bandages are always dirty. I have constant skin infections. I cannot chew anymore because he's neglected my oral health. I was supposed to have oral surgery in 2019," Aaron wrote.

Aaron continued to recount several instances of torment by his father, which quite frankly is too disgusting even to mention here. Jensen and Caelan (Aaron's other brother) also provided their testimonies, which you can read on the GoFundMe page. Be advised that their accounts will make your blood boil.

XTRA Aaron is thankful to everyone who donated and shared his testimony

On 27th October, Jensen expressed his gratitude to everybody that donated and shared his story in another Twitter post.

At the time of writing, Aaron's GoFundMe has already raised $9,000 thanks to 117 generous donors. If you can assist Aaron by donating, then you can do so by following this link. Otherwise, we encourage you to share this with others who can.


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Featured image courtesy of XTRAA Aaron.