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V Rising Cyril The Cursed Smith: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising to unlock the Wraith Spear, Anvil, and Dark Silver Ingot recipes.
V Rising Cyril The Cursed Smith: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

If you're struggling to beat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising, don't worry. We're here to help! Having spent many hours grinding out the Secrets of Gloomrot update, we have a pretty solid handle on all the game changes, including the best way to beat Cyril the Cursed Smith. As a powerful V Rising boss, even veteran players may occasionally need a helping hand, so don't feel embarrassed.

We'll also detail Cyril's location and the rewards he unlocks in the game. As always, our Blood Carrier guides are based on real gameplay, not nonsense regurgitation like some other sites we won't name. So, you can trust us when we say we know what we're talking about. Alright, enough waffling. Here's how to beat Cyril in V Rising, including the best abilities, weapons, and blood to use against him.

Updated on 25 May 2023: We've updated this page with the latest changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Cyril The Cursed Smith - Location


Cyril the Cursed Smith is located in the Cursed Village of the Cursed Forest, situated in the northeastern part of Vardoran. This is a relatively high-level area requiring extreme caution. In addition, many powerful enemy mobs are roaming around. As such, there are two Vampire Waygates in the Cursed Forest that you should activate to return to the area in the event of your premature demise.

Pro Tip: It's important to defeat Cyril in V Rising as fast as possible because the longer you are in the Cursed Forest, the more likely you will fall victim to its curse: Curse of The Forest will slowly fog your map until your minimap and map are not remotely visible. At this point, the only way to find Cyril the Cursed Smith will be with the Blood Tracker.

V Rising: How To Beat Cyril The Cursed Smith

Cyril the Cursed Smith is a Level 65 V Blood Carrier. Therefore, we strongly advise attempting this battle only if you have a Gear Score of 63 or higher. It's worth noting that even the regular mobs in the surrounding area are at a similar level, with the Banshee also being Level 65. We used a Sword in this fight; however, you can attempt to defeat Cyril in V Rising using a Reaper or Mace.


Blood Type

Now, let's discuss suitable Blood Types for this encounter. Our primary recommendation is Warrior Blood of 50% or higher Blood Quality. This blood is essential due to the significant damage reduction it provides. In this battle, you will face multiple units attacking you both in melee and at the range, making the damage reduction crucial for survival.

Alternatively, Brute Blood of 50%+ can be equally effective. With numerous units participating in the fight, you will have more opportunities to leech life from them. This additional sustain replaces the damage reduction offered by Warrior Blood but serves the same purpose: prolonging your survival in the battle.

Travel Abilities

Now, let's discuss effective movement abilities against Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising. The first recommended ability is Veil of Blood. This ability is highly recommended as it synergizes well with Brute Blood and Warrior Blood, providing additional sustain when attacking after its use. Additionally, combining Veil of Blood with these blood types enhances your overall survivability in the battle.

The second recommended movement ability is Veil of Illusion. This ability allows you to return to your starting location after the initial jump and inflicts Weaken to nearby enemies. Weaken debuff reduces the damage output of those affected by 25% for 5 seconds. This debuff further enhances your survivability by lowering incoming damage.


Defensive Abilities

Regarding defense, we strongly recommend Phantom Aegis and Ward of the Damned. Phantom Aegis is particularly effective in this fight as it provides both a damage block and applies the Weaken debuff to the mobs summoned by Cyril the Cursed Smith, making it easier for you to tank them. Ward of the Damned is also an excellent choice, as it allows you to block projectiles and summon Skeleton Warriors to fight on your behalf. This proves highly effective in the battle against Cyril the Cursed Smith, as the summoned Skeleton Warriors will divert the attention of the additional mobs called by Cyril and provide a window to deal more damage.

Offensive Abilities

Now that we have covered defense let's shift our focus to offense. Our first recommendation against Cyril is Spectral Wolf. This magical projectile deals 125% magic damage upon impact and bounces to nearby enemies, dealing a reduced 85% magic damage. This is particularly important in this fight, as Cyril will summon floating weapons and other allies to assist him.

By casting Spectral Wolf, the projectile can bounce to his summons and back to him, inflicting damage multiple times and applying the Weaken debuff to all affected targets. This reduces Cyril's damage output and weakens his supporters, making Spectral Wolf an effective spell for damaging Cyril while clearing his summoned allies.


The second offensive recommendation is Corrupted Skull. This projectile ability deals 80% magic damage upon impact, applies the Condemn debuff, and summons a Skeleton Warrior. It also has two charges, allowing you to strategically target Cyril and one of his summons, splitting the aggro between your two summoned skeletons. Condemn increases the damage taken by 15% for 5 seconds, making eliminating Cyril and his summons easier. Moreover, as the fight progresses, Corrupted Skull becomes even more potent, receiving a 40% damage boost against targets below 30% HP.

Cyril's Moveset

Now, let's discuss how to defeat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising. The battle will commence with Cyril jumping into the air and landing with a powerful smash, causing damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be beneath him. Upon landing, he will summon damaging wisps floating around him in a circular pattern, continuously harming anyone they contact. In this phase, it is recommended to use Corrupted Skull to wear Cyril down and keep him occupied before he starts summoning his allies.


As the fight progresses, Cyril will perform special mace attacks and utilize the Slasher moveset. During this time, he will begin summoning allies such as archers, additional wisps, and the Banshee. This is where Spectral Wolf becomes crucial, as you can launch it at Cyril's summons to eliminate them swiftly. It's important to prevent the summoned allies from building up, as the fight will become increasingly challenging with each new addition.

Once you bring Cyril the Cursed Smith's health below 50%, the battle intensifies as you now have to face the previous threats and the addition of floating spectral weapons and assassins. These highly damaging spectral weapons will circle around the arena, striking randomly. Utilizing Ward of the Damned will be extremely effective in this phase.

On the other hand, the assassins will attempt fast backstab attacks on you. Stay vigilant and be prepared to counter their assaults while maintaining a safe distance. It is advised to swiftly eliminate the spectral weapons and assassins, keeping their numbers as low as possible. By prioritizing their elimination, you can reduce the overall threat and focus on Cyril and the remaining enemies more effectively.

Cyril the Cursed Smith will execute multiple fast-dashing attacks during this phase. Afterward, he will become still for a few seconds, providing you with a crucial opportunity to strike. Seize this moment by utilizing the Heartstrike ultimate ability—dash through Cyril's summons to reach his rest location and deliver the final blow. The Heartstrike spell (unlocked by beating Willfred the Werewolf Chief) inflicts massive damage to all enemies caught in its path while also healing you for a portion of the damage dealt.


V Rising: Cyril The Cursed Smith Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising: Wraith Spear (illusion Ability), Anvil (Structure), and Dark Silver Ingot (Resource).

  • Wraith Spear: Dash backward and launch a piercing projectile dealing 160% magic damage and inflicting Weaken. Each subsequent hit deals 75% damage of the previous hit and grants Phantasm.
  • Anvil: This workstation allows you to craft advanced Dark Silver or Sanguine rarity weapons. Crafting requires 1x Primal Blood Essence + 32x Dark Silver Ingot + 12x Reinforced Plank.
  • Dark Silver Ingot: This high-tier material is important for crafting the most powerful items in the game, including Castle Heart (Level 4), Anvil, Dark Silver weaponry, Blood Key, and Golden Castle Key. You can craft Dark Silver Ingot at the Furnace with the reagants: 3x Spectral Dust and 20x Silver Ore.

Cyril the Cursed Smith's V Blood description reads:

Cursed with eternal life and servitude to the Cult of the Damned, Cyril has little desire to perform his duties. However, having been traded to the Cult before he had even been born, this tortured life is all he knows. Resigned to his fat, he does still take some small joy in inflicting his pain on others.


And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!

V Rising Cyril The Cursed Smith: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising?

Cyril the Cursed Smith can be found in the Cursed Village of the Cursed Forest, located in the northeastern part of Vardoran.

What are the recommended abilities for defeating Cyril the Cursed Smith?

For defeating Cyril, we recommend using Veil of Blood or Veil of Illusion as travel abilities, Phantom Aegis or Ward of the Dammed as defensive abilities, and Spectral Wolf or Corrupted Skull as offensive abilities

What rewards do I receive for defeating Cyril the Cursed Smith in V Rising?

Defeating Cyril the Cursed Smith rewards you with Wraith Spear (illusion Ability), Anvil (Structure), and Dark Silver Ingot (Resource).