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YouTuber Dignify slammed for blatant sexism and support of slavery

YouTube creator Dignify was slammed after remarks about supporting slavery, and sexist comments towards women went viral on Twitter.
YouTuber Dignify slammed for blatant sexism and support of slavery

In the plight of gaming and esports personalities getting called out for their atrocious behavior both in front and behind the camera, another content creator was exposed for making controversial statements online.

YouTube NBA 2K creator, Dignify, went viral on 26th May 2022 after dated remarks about supporting slavery and his sexist comments towards women. After screenshots of his tweets circulated on social media, the content creator apologized for his wrongful behavior before deleting his Twitter account entirely.

NBA 2K creator Dignify slammed for endorsing slavery

The news was first reported by Jake Lucky, who uploaded screenshots of Dignify’s tweets on Twitter. While the original tweet may no longer exist, the content creator continues to dominate conversations online on issues of sexism and racism in the industry.

In an open apology, Dignify “expressed” how deeply sorry he was for his comments and revealed he was about 17 or 18 years of age at the time. The creator also added that he was actively involved in the Call of Duty (CoD) community, where such statements were considered “edgy and comical.”

youtuber diginify nba 2k content creator sexist slavery tweets apology twitter
The apology NBA 2K content creator Dignify posted to his social media accounts. (Picture: Twitter / Dignify via Jake Lucky)

Knowing that it shouldn’t have been tolerated, Dignify stated that he “had zero idea” he posted these comments on Twitter and feels horrible since it has been resurfaced. “I’m sorry for those whom I’ve offended, I’m a changed man who doesn’t joke around like that anymore, and I cannot do anything but ask for your forgiveness,” Dignify’s apology read.

In the wake of his controversial comments resurfacing online, prominent 2K content creator, YourRAGE, responded in light of Dignify’s apology. “See, I can chalk a lot of sh*t up to just edgy humor… but where the f**k are the jokes with these tweets?”

youtuber diginify nba 2k content creator sexist slavery tweets yourrage criticism twitter
An NBA 2K content creator, YourRAGE, criticized Dignify for his controversial tweets. (Picture: Twitter / YouRAGE via Jake Lucky)

Dignify responded to YourRAGE’s criticism of him making jokes about slavery, stating that he “f**ked up horribly trying to joke about something” like slavery. He further noted that his comments weren’t his “real feelings” and that he’s an “idiot” for joking about it.

Many people have also expressed similar criticisms regarding Dignify’s apology, with one user revealing him shifting the blame onto the CoD community isn’t a good excuse.

“I mean, if you played COD around that time, you’d have experienced the rampant racism [or] sexism. Not saying it’s a good excuse, but some people repeat what they hear online, thinking it’s okay. Obviously, most of the stuff he posted aren’t (sic) actually 'jokes', though,” a user responded on Twitter.

As of writing, Dignify's Twitter account has been deactivated. Content from his Twitch and YouTube channels have also been removed and are longer available on the platform. Additionally, the content creator deleted or deactivated his Instagram account after issuing his apology.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Dignify.